Small Business News: The Startup Space

Arguably the toughest part of running a small business, the startup can be a tricky time. In fact, getting from idea to functioning business can be at times so misunderstood and so different for every entrepreneur that it becomes difficult to come up with definitive tips for getting through the process. Still there are plenty of resources out there and the best idea can be to sort through this stuff for yourself and see what makes cents to you. Here’s what we’ve gathered from the Web today. Enjoy!

Cash Flow

How to get clients…TODAY! Of course, you can’t really have a business without clients or customers and, unless you have some deep pocketed investor in your corner, those customers or clients need to come sooner rather than later. Getting your first paying customers will establish the cash flow you need to expand and grow your business (and go after even bigger long-term clients and customers in the future.) Epic Launch


Oh no they didn’t! In a world emerging from economic downturn, you would think that no one would be actively trying to slow down recovery by actively placing road blocks in the way of startup investment. You’d be wrong. Read Scott Shane’s full analysis of why the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation of the market for startup shares is a bad idea. Bloomberg Businessweek


Starting a business without investment. Think you need investment in the form of VC’s, angels or other outside funding? This case study will follow one San Francisco tech startup whose founders have decided to go it alone. How realistic is bootstrapping especially in the tech startup world where so much VC funding is available? What are the pitfalls? Follow along.


Collaboration vs. Competition: What’s your mindset? What will be your approach to your customers and to other small businesses once your business is up and running? Before launching your new venture, it may be a good idea to explore your philosophy and decide how you will handle your relationship with other business owners. Will you put profits first and view others competitively shoving others out of your market? Or will you put customers first and work with other businesses in an effort to deliver the best service for everyone? Tweak Your Biz


Small business, startup or entrepreneur. What’s the difference? Or are they all part of the same idea. Check out the post by Susan Payton and follow the lively discussion in the comment section. How do you most identify yourself and your business venture? Is there overlap? What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear. Small Business Trends

Business Model

Don’t fight your customers. When launching a new venture, creating true value should be your goal. If your customers don’t value your products or services, you may have a big problem with your business model. And figuring out how to strong arm those who use what you create, is probably not the best approach to set things right. Take the New York Times and its highly publicized efforts at building a subscription-based business out of content that used to be free. Yahoo! News

Change is gonna do you good. Despite any startups best efforts, there may come a time when your business model just doesn’t work anymore. It may be at the beginning of your business, when you realize some or all of your assumptions are wrong, wrong, wrong. It may be after your business is up and running when you realize the business model you’ve created is just not working, or just not working for you. Making a change can be tough, but at times it’s the only answer. Here’s one entrepreneur’s story.


Goodbye cash register! One of the most famous pieces of equipment often associated with bricks and mortar businesses may be on its way out for good, replaced by new technology. Time for the cash register to stand aside as an indispensable piece of equipment for your startup. Say hello to the high tech tablet that is making the old standby history. BBC News


Planning for your startup. Laura Petrolino interviews Carol Roth in this podcast on the basic qualities that make up the perfect business model and qualities that make up the perfect entrepreneur. What should your small business model be and what is the “it” factor that determines whether a person will be successful as an entrepreneur? You’ll find out after downloading this video. 365 Days of Startups

Should you keep your day job. Balancing the questions of everything from conflict of interest to other problems with your full-time employment against the realities of needing to eat and pay the bills until your startup is profitable, it may in the end be necessary to keep your current job until your new business is a success. But there are exceptions and you can examine them and some steps for surving the life of a part-time entrepreneur right here. Startup Professionals Musings

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