In the News – American Consumers Ready to Support Local Small Businesses More

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Small businesses across America are beginning to reopen and re-emerge from their imposed shutdown orders.

It’s been a long and very difficult road for many. But there’s some good news coming from this.

A new survey commissioned by GroupOn reveals that American consumers are ready and already planning to support small businesses more than they did in the past. We reported on that survey earlier this week. It found that 75% of consumers surveyed will definitely shop at local small businesses more as soon as restrictions against them operating are lifted.

If your small business isn’t open yet, now’s the time to get ready for that influx of customers. And if you’re already open, be sure to promote the fact that you are, indeed, a local small business. Post messages promoting local businesses to your social media profiles. Put a “Shop Local” sign in your window. Do anything to call attention to the fact that you’re open and ready for those customers.

That survey is certainly good news for the millions of small business owners across the country. To find out more details from it, check out our story on it here.

And for the rest of the week in small business headlines, check out our weekly news roundup below:

Small Business News Roundup – May 29, 2020

Workiz Releases Scheduling Chatbot for Service Businesses

Workiz just released a new chatbot to help service-based small businesses with field service management to book appointments and more. Small Business Trends contacted Aviv Canaani, VP of Marketing at Workiz, to learn more. Workiz Field Service Management He explained how this product fills a gap. “Field service jobs start out with a phone call.

Paychex Launches New Payroll Tool to Pay Employees Immediately

Paychex recently launched its first real time payments solution for the HR industry. Paychex Real Time Payments Leveraging The Clearing House RTP network, Paychex real-time payments (RTP) provides businesses with an efficient way to instantly pay employees. The RTP network from The Clearing House is a real-time payments platform. The platform is available 24/7/365.

Shopify Launches Balance for Small Business Money Management

Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) has launched a new money management solution with a deliberate seller-centric approach. Known as Balance, the money management solution includes a raft to tools to help merchants run their business more effectively. The tools include a business account, business card, rewards, and no monthly fees.

28% of Data Breaches in 2020 Involved Small Businesses

Almost a third or 28% of data breaches in 2020 involved small businesses. The data comes from one of the most acclaimed cybersecurity reports in the industry, the Verizon Business 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (2020 DBIR). Currently, in its 13th year, the DBIR is an industry-standard when it comes to gauging the state of cybersecurity around the world.

Mobile Data in the US is 4th Most Expensive in the World

Think the cost of mobile data is a bit high here in the US? You may be right. The United States is among the most expensive for mobile data, ranking fourth across the globe. According to a study by UK based research firm businessfibre, the US follows Switzerland, South Korea and Norway among the nations with the most expensive broadband and mobile internet charges.

Fundi is a New Platform for Live Streamers to Get Paid Directly

Fundi, the real-time funding platform for live streaming has unveiled its new digital payment solution for fans to support their favorite live stream content creators. The platform in essence will support live stream producers by helping them earn funds easily when they go live.

45% of Consumers Provide Feedback to Businesses by Changing Purchasing Behavior

Almost half (45%) of consumers are providing feedback to businesses by changing their purchasing behavior. This statistic was unveiled by the consumer insights platform DISQO and the spring 2020 edition of its Consumer Voice Study. The study collated the thoughts of a select group of DISQO Audience members.

Skilled Freelancers in the Top U.S. Cities Brought In $150 Billion in Earnings in 2019

How good was it for skilled freelancers in 2019 when it comes to earnings in the top U.S. cities? According to the Fiverr 2020 Annual Freelance Economic Impact Report, they brought in $150 billion in revenue in 2019. This report comes as COVID-19 dramatically increased the number of remote workers in the U.S., making remote work the norm for tens of millions of Americans.

Changes in the Charitable Contributions Deduction You Need to Know About

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in many small business owners despite their own financial hardships. Many have generously given to help others in their communities and beyond. They’ve supported causes with cash and other types of donations. Are Charitable Contributions Tax Deductible? The tax law rewards the giving mentioned above with write-offs.

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