In the News – Zoho Workplace Launches, Integrates Multiple Business Apps in One

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We’re all looking for better technology solutions that help us run our business. And we’d prefer if we only had a single app that handled all the things we need to get through the day.

A miracle piece of technology like that may come around some day but the new Zoho Workplace comes awfully close.

The Austin-based company launched Workplace this week and it brings together 9 of its most popular business apps under one proverbial roof.

You can learn more about how Zoho Workplace works, what it costs, and how it might benefit your small business operations in our article from earlier this week.

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And for the rest of the week’s biggest news for small businesses, check out our weekly news roundup below.

Small Business News Roundup – September 11, 2020

Small Business Loan Approval Rates Slowed in August

Small business loan approval rates at banks fell in August 2020. Figures from the Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index show a small drop in such approvals in August. The data indicates that the rising number of small businesses acquiring loans from May onwards has plateaued. In August 2020, big banks, with $10 billion-plus in assets, granted just 13.

Entrepreneurs Using YouTube More than Anything to Learn New Tech Skills During Pandemic

Entrepreneurs are using the pandemic to improve technical skills. YouTube is proving to be the leading resource to help people sharpen technical skills. Among the top skills people are leaning is software, telecommunication, and digital media proficiency.

30% Say Automation Software Saves Their Company Money

About 30% of employees say automation software saves their business money. And 44% disclose automation saves them time. Almost a third (33%) of workers admit that automation software enables them to accomplish more with fewer resources. These statistics were unveiled by Zapier’s quarterly Automation Confidence Survey.

Emburse and Mastercard Team Up to Streamline Your Amazon Business Purchases

Do you buy products from Amazon’s market place? If yes, then the recent collaboration between Emburse and Mastercard can help you smoothen the expense process. Emburse recently launched an integrated solution to help Amazon Business customers better manage their expenses.

1 in 3 Employees Believe Their Company’s Cybersecurity is a Moderate or Major Problem

With 1 in 3 employees believing the cybersecurity of their company is a moderate or major problem, decision-makers must do more to reassure them. Especially since remote work is now a big part of the workplace. And as more people work from home, digital security will become even more important for employees.

Capital One Launches Small Unites to Support Small Business

Capital One Business, providers of financial products and services, has announced the launch of Small Unites. The program provides support and relief to small businesses through education, promotion, and donations. Small Unites is aimed at empowering consumers across the US to support their favorite small businesses.

How to Use TikTok for Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, you’ve likely heard of TikTok. It’s not all just empty buzz either. This social media or video-sharing social network app currently has more than 800 million monthly active users. And it has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times. It’s especially popular among young people.

5 Reasons You Should Send Clients Handwritten Notes

Two things – email and direct mail – often get deleted or trashed without being opened. In fact, stats bear that out. The average “open” rate for those is barely above 20%. Rick Elmore was in a college marketing class listening to a professor relate those facts. He has always remembered what the professor said.

How a Baseball Player Comes Back from Failure

We all deal with disappointments in our lives especially during this pandemic. But how does a baseball player come back from a devastating off the field injury to become one of the most powerful sports agents in the country? On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Nez Balelo fell down a four-story elevator shaft under construction.

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