Small Business News: Your Legal Brief

A big part of running a small business these days involves understanding legal issues, both those that could impact your business directly and those that could affect your market or your brand. This roundup takes a look at a variety of these legal issues and asks how they the affect small business world today. Got something to add? Leave it in the comment section below and help us build a comprehensive guide to small business legal issues today!


Plenty of small business challenges ahead with new Congress. Despite passage of a renewal of the Bush-era tax cuts, there are plenty of concerns about a new Congress coming into office this year and about the considerable amount of work yet to be done. As U.S. small business owners communicate with their representatives this year, here are a couple of small business issues you may wish to bring up. AllBusiness


10 tips for small business legal. Anytime is a good time for reviewing your small business’s legal position. Certainly there may be different considerations for a huge multi-national corporation than for a small business. But in the end, whether you do regular internal reviews or bring in outside advice, a regular legal tune-up will keep your business running smoothly. Lawyers ABC


Legal brand protection spikes in India. Though legal issues connected to intellectual property and branding are hardly universal the world over, certain moves signify a unification of global business practice especially important to small businesses doing business across many national and cultural boundaries. The increase in India trademark application has many potential implications for the global market. Read one. Thompson Reuters


How to hire legal counsel. Anita Campbell, founder and editor of Small Business Trends, puts her legal know-how as a former corporate attorney to work in this great post on how to hire and then manage the costs of an outside law firm. Whether you’re a big corporation or the smallest of startups, this primer will give you important tips about how to handle your legal representation in a variety of situations. Small Business Trends


10 huge small business mistakes and how to avoid them. These errors, while simple to make for the inexperienced, than severely damage or destroy your small business if not carefully considered. You may wish to consult an attorney on some of these issues to be sure you haven’t crossed the line into behavior that could bring about litigation. crowdspring


5 big changes that could affect your small business. Small businesses face change everyday, changes in technology, the appearance of new competition in the marketplace and rising costs are only some of these. But five new legal requirements may spell difficulty for many small business owners depending upon their business model. FindLaw

More legal issues for small businesses owners. As fast as markets and technologies are changing opening opportunities hitherto unknown by small business owners leveraging the power of the Internet for marketing and networking, a number of legal changes may create significant changes for small businesses., You’ve heard some of these before but they remain crucial to your small business survival. BusinessNewsDaily

Legal Documentation

Pair of entrepreneurs seek to cut down on endless legal documents. Keeping necessary paperwork can be a challenge for legal firms and small businesses alike. One company has turned the solution for this problem into a business model. Now their only task is to demonstrate to the rest of the world that automated legal documents are the path to the future.

Indepependent contractor and work for hire agreements. Do you have these agreements in place for those doing work for your business? In a period when information and content have become the currency of much small business, especially small business on the Web, it has become imperative to understand the agreements you have in place. 365 Days of Startups


Why the Internet may make legal costs cheaper. A recent post on how technology is changing and lowering the cost of doing small business pointed to free online legal templates and Websites with legal ads. If this information is going to be free or significantly less expensive online. It means less cost on what used to be a huge expense for small business startup. NuWire

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