Small Business on the Verge of Change

Small businesses are always changing. The tools and ideas that make this change possible are only part of the story. It is the size and agility of small businesses that put them at the heart of innovation. And it is you, the small business owner, who chooses to make that change happen.

New Frontier

What World of Warcraft can teach you about small business. Ever heard of the term “pwned” a phrase originating from the world of gaming? In today’s rapidly evolving small business environment, new ideas are always replacing old ones. Embrace your inner gamer and be ready for change when it comes. Small Business Trends

How’s that social media campaign going? Nowadays social media is the key to marketing effectively for small business. But effective social media campaigns can take practice. Here are five things that can go wrong with even the best social media campaigns and how to set them right. Annemarie Cross

8 high tech tools for your small business. High tech tools can add productivity to your small business, but how can you choose the tools that are right for you? Choosing the right technology for your small business is the key to success and for getting the return on your technology investment that can take you to the next level. Small Business Trends


If you lack self confidence, read this. In case you’re wondering whether you’ve got what it takes, don’t worry you do. It’s true that your business will require a lot from you, maybe more than you’ve every given before. But, don’t worry. You have more resources than you realize. Here’s how to access them. Chris Brogan

When it’s time to step out. There comes a time in every one’s life when you realize that what you’re doing doesn’t fulfill you. It’s a time to step out in faith even if you aren’t sure where you are going. Entrepreneurs face this moment early it seems and the bravest jump without a net to catch them. BizSugar Blog

Why failure is a key component to success. It seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it. But then, of course, understanding how entrepreneurs achieve success in the first place is the key. The odds of success on your first attempt are not good, and your ability to push through that and find success means more failures along the way. Seth Godin’s Blog

Women in Entrepreneurship

Is there a shortage of female entrepreneurs? VC Mark Suster is obviously talking about a very specific kind entrepreneur here, one who goes to a VC like him and pitches an idea for a product or startup. Although within this world his point is probably well taken. Outside VC circles, who knows how men and women measure up. What do you think? Fast Company

More funding needed for women owned growth companies. Along the same vein, this interview looks at the importance of providing funding to women owned high growth companies (particularly in science and technology) and how important such an initiative could be to economic recovery. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

More Trends

The office of tomorrow may be just your desk. If you need a place to work on your startup there are a couple of options. If office rental is too expensive and working at home will be problematic, renting a desk in a shared workspace could be ideal. Details? WSJ

The small busuiness owner workout guide. Sometimes the health of your business can depend on your health. Hey, don’t forget, you’re the one running it. So here’s a program to keep you, and by extension or business, in awesome shape. LeapZoneStrategies

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