Half of Small Business Owners Feel Chained to Their Business


A new survey from Ontraport reveals half of small business owners feel chained to their business.

Furthermore, they say their business would be at a standstill even if they were to leave for just a week. This is in great part due to the number of tasks they are handling on their own. And here is where automation can come in to address these tasks and free up some precious time.

Small Business Owners Can’t Leave Their Business

There are many repetitive tasks small business owners can delegate to automation. According to the Ontraport survey they include, responding to customers and prospects, setting up appointments, reviewing and storing leads, sending and confirming payments and refunds, and tracking business statistics. And in return, this will free up more time to focus on more important duties and of course enjoyment.

This is exactly what Landon Ray, founder, and CEO at Ontraport, points out in the release. Ray says, “With the right technology, business owners can earn back valuable time to focus on the bigger picture.”

To that end, Ontraport says the answer is to systemize and scale with automation to grow and get fewer headaches. Ray adds, “Automation does the job of multiple employees, handling tasks that entrepreneurs typically take on themselves. The burden of day-to-day tasks should not fall on their plates when their time and energy is better served elsewhere.”

Survey Insights

The data of this survey comes from a pool of more than 500 SMB owners, ages 18 and over. The survey was carried out in June 2021 by Propeller Insights on behalf of Ontraport, which offers business owners a no-code automation platform to manage their business online.

When it comes to spending time on daily tasks that can be automated, 40% said it is anywhere between one and five hours weekly. And for 13% of the respondent, it is an astounding 20+ hours. So, with so much time, what would they rather be doing? Not surprisingly, almost two-thirds or 62% say they will put that time back into their business. But first, they must find the right solution to make this happen.

Simplifying Automation with the Right Solution

According to Ontraport, the key to simplifying automation in your business is through a single platform. And nowhere is this more evident than in the survey as 84% said they would switch to a single platform. This is because 64% of them use between two and five software tools to manage their marketing, sales, and overall online presence. And this has great potential for complications and added waste of time.

The respondents understand this very point, and in order to make the change, the solution has to perform all of the functions they need.

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