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Apply for a Small Business Loan Today
When banks say no, you want yes! Our small business loans center, powered by Biz2Credit, offers quick business funding answers. Biz2Credit has arranged over $2 billion in funding for amazing businesses like yours!
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Do You Qualify for a Small Business Loan?
Do you know what it takes to qualify for a small business loan? This tool analyzes how a business lender will view your personal credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and how attractive your cash flow position is.
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How To Fix Your Business Credit Ebook
Learn about small business lending myths and the mistakes entrepreneurs make when applying. Get actionable tips to fix your business and personal credit scores -- and improve your chances of getting a business loan.
Your Guide to Incorporate A Business
Browse this online guide that walks you through the process to incorporate a business. Also included is a short quiz that can help you decide which business structure is right for you and your business.
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Your Guide to Business Gift Giving
Gift giving at the Holidays is not just a way to strengthen bonds with family and friends. It can also cement business relationships. This online guide to business gift giving can help you accomplish that.
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Your Guide to Buying a Franchise
Decide if a franchise is right for you. Walk through the basics on how to buy a franchise and view this guide online or in a convenient, 64-page downloadable PDF document that you can save, print out and refer to later. 
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Choose Your Business Structure
Not sure which business structure is right for you? This quiz will help you determine what type of business structure is right for your situation: LLC, incorporation or DBA. It's fast, fun, easy and only takes a minute.
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Research Your Business
Have you ever wondered, "How does my business compare?" If so, this free competitive intelligence tool can help research your business. Need help with new business development? This tool can identify geographical areas to target, too.
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Social Media Calendar Template
This social media calendar template for small business is based on the calendar format we use internally here at Small Business Trends LLC. Get your social media marketing campaigns on track using this calendar.
Small Business Trends Marketplace
The Marketplace, in partnership with, is full of resources such as ebooks, templates, whitepapers, and learning tools. Social media, startup, networking and more - we've got you covered.
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Make a One Page Marketing Plan
Would you like to make a one page marketing plan for your business? If so, you've come to the right place! To generate a one page marketing plan, simply complete the steps on the form you'll find here.
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Download this Cybercrime Security Ebook
Study after study highlights a sad fact. Small businesses are treated as “soft” targets by hackers and cybercriminals. Those of us in small businesses need to be on guard when it comes to cybersecurity.
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Energy Tax Savings eBook
This ebook will tell you how to control your energy budget, where to look for little known energy rebates and loan programs for small businesses and much more.
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How to Collect Payments Faster
Download this free whitepaper today to learn how to improve your cash flow and easily cover expenses so you can seize growth opportunities and get paid faster.
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How to Close Sales Quickly
Download this free whitepaper to begin streamlining your contract signing procedures and processes so that you can close sales faster and get paid sooner.
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Restaurant and Food Service Business Guides
Ideas, tips and helpful advice for starting, owning and operating a restaurant or food service business, including food truck, diner, cafe, bakery, catering and small cottage food businesses.
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List of National Days for Marketing
National days of observance have become popular on social media -- especially as hashtags. Use this huge National Holiday List to draw attention to your posts by celebrating days important to your customers.
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9 Point Sales Tax Compliance Checklist
There are now more than 11k sales tax jurisdictions across the U.S. Sales tax compliance can be an arduous task. Use this checklist to get started.
How to Start a Business with no Money Checklist
Lack of funds should not deter you from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. Use this checklist to get started and make sure you cover all your bases.
Finding a Small Business Mentor Checklist
Finding a business mentor that meets all of the requirements ensures you find one who is going to be helpful and relevant to your business. 
Checklist to Negotiate a Business Deal
This 9-point negotiating checklist has been honed specifically for small business. These nine points are critical for successful small business negotiations. Consider each of them when negotiating a business deal.
Download Free Landing Page Templates
A successfully designed landing page converts website visitors into taking action. Get landing pages, a CSS style sheet, and even the thank-you page that your website visitor is directed to upon completing the lead form.
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Download Free Marketing Plan Templates
Developing a Marketing Plan is nothing more than setting goals and making a to-do list that will get you there. It's really not much different than planning a party. Get started today using this template.
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