Spotlight: What Makes Odeum Stand Out in the Video Marketing Space

What Makes Odeum Stand Out in the Video Marketing Space

Video marketing is constantly evolving. So small businesses need tools that can keep up with those changes. Odeum is one such tool.

The company provides customizable and branded solutions for video creators.

Small Business Spotlight: Odeum

To learn about what makes Odeum stand out, read on for this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides video solutions for businesses.

Jay Dysart told Small Business Trends, “Odeum is a white-labeled subscription video solution for content creators. We help content creators publish and distribute videos through a set of custom branded apps that can be delivered to mobile, tablet, web and TV.”

Business Niche

Provides an affordable branded solution.

Dysart says, “We’re the first platform that offers a completely branded set of apps for mobile, tablet, web and TV at zero upfront cost.

“No other platform is free to start. We onboard the client and take a small percentage of earnings so that smaller businesses can get started quicker.”

How the Business Got Started

As a side project.

Dysart explains, “The business was actually started several years ago, as a side project from the digital agency JLOOP while on a company retreat. It has been in stealth mode until very recently.”

Biggest Win

Helping clients during COVID.

Dysart says, “With COVID, Odeum has been able to launch several fitness brands and yoga studios who desperately need a new sustainable revenue model while their studios are shut down. This has been the perfect product at just the right time.”

Biggest Risk

Investing for the long term.

Dysart explains, “We are giving away a product that has taken years to build by banking on our publishers’ success. We invest up front, with the faith that our publishers will run sustainable businesses for years and we will provide long-term value.”

Lesson Learned

Determine what clients really need.

Dysart says, “Defining the minimum viable product was hard to do, and we actually built more of the platform than we needed to when first trying to get to market. If we had taken a different approach we might have been able to launch faster.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000


Dysart says, “We’d invest in more development resources and sales and marketing initiatives. We have an amazing product and all our capital has gone into building it, with very little spent to market.”

Team Tradition

Fifth Wednesdays.

Dysart explains, “We celebrate “Fifth Wednesdays”. Any month that has 5 Wednesdays means that we take the afternoon off on that fifth one and do something fun as a team. We’ve done everything from Escape Rooms to Bowling to Museums and Whiskey Tasting.”

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Image: Odeum, Jay Dysart

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