What Tech Jobs Are Small Businesses Hiring Most?

small business tech jobs

Tech is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy with demand for qualified candidates often outpacing the supply. These tech roles offer above average salaries and many tech companies of all sizes are looking to hire highly-skilled talent as quickly as possible.

Indeed, which continues to research small business hiring trends, has dissected what types of tech jobs are being filled at small companies nationwide. The firm compared those roles to those being hired more often at bigger companies.

Types of Small Business Tech Jobs

There is a difference in what types of tech roles small businesses are looking for compared to their larger peers.

Small businesses are looking to hire more product-oriented roles like software and hardware engineers, versus support roles like testers, analysts, and database administrators.

This makes sense to Indeed economic research analyst Daniel Culbertson. “This is reflective of a startup looking to build out their product, versus a more established company that is looking to support and maintain their flagship product,” he said.

At small businesses, jobs that allow tech-savvy employees and prospects to flex their creative muscles and be more involved in the development of a product — like an app — are in high demand. That’s not exactly the case at bigger businesses.

Per Indeed’s data, in addition to software and hardware engineer jobs, small businesses are looking to fill jobs in systems software and application development. As jobs become less creative and more regimented — like in a support specialist role or as an administrator of some kind, they tend to be more in demand by big businesses more than small.

Startups have an inherent advantage when looking to recruit this type of more creative talent.

“Engineers typically enjoy building products and making an impact on what is the core of a company,” said Culbertson.  “Sometimes there isn’t as much leeway for creativity in the development of the core product at a larger company, which is why startups are appealing to many tech workers.”

Indeed contributed to this report. Image: Indeed

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  1. This is because tech maintenance is only needed when you have achieved a certain degree of success in your business. If you are starting, you need more producers like engineers.