How to Get Your Small Business to Actually Use Your CRM

small business using crm

One of the tools that every small business needs but still so many lack is a CRM system (a customer relationship management system). Too much of the critical customer information still exists in the owner’s head or the mind of their salespeople. This is a problem since a computer is so much better at doing this than you are. What are the key elements for implementing a CRM that isn’t too complicated and your organization will use?

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Victoria Jones who is an Evangelist on Zoho‘s customer advocacy team discusses why every small business must have a CRM and how to choose one that the company will actually use. Victoria is a frequent speaker and trainer on digital collaboration, AI, and privacy. Victoria focuses on creating Zoho centered educational content to support and empower customers.

Victoria emphasizes that CRM is one of the most critical tools for your small business. She says that “it is the tool that helps make any relationship with a customer work. Everyone is interacting with it every day. With a CRM, every employee has all the information on each customer. This also helps maintain the personal touch with the customer as your business scales. “

With so much turnover in small businesses among the staff, it is critical that the information does not walk out with them. Victoria also says that the CRM helps employees learn their new job quickly and there will be less frustration in working with customers.

To choose a CRM, don’t look at the tool that has everything you need. Victoria explains a better way is to talk with the departments that interact with customers on exactly what the staff needs. She adds that “What information do they reference whenever you are talking to customers? Start with the necessities and build up from there. The tool must genuinely make their jobs easier. The adoption then will be much more natural.”

Victoria also introduces Canvas, a personalized design studio for your CRM.

Listen to the entire interview on The Small Business Radio Show

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