Multivarious Games and Other Winners Announced for Zoho’s Sell Big Contestzoho

zoho sell big contest winners

Drum roll, please! Select small businesses have just won big … thanks to Zoho’s Sell Big contest.

The contest launched in December 2016. And the winners have just been announced. To participate, businesses needed to simply sign up on the company’s website and then get votes from their customers and community members by engaging with them online.

According to Zoho’s VP of Marketing Rodrigo Vaca, the company received thousands of entries from businesses in more than a hundred different countries. But the grand prize could only go to one company.

That honor went to Multivarious Games, an app development company in Columbus, Ohio. The company creates mobile games such as Hatch It! And they also work with clients to create custom gaming apps, including those that focus on innovative new technology like virtual reality and augmented reality. For the grand prize, the company was awarded $20,000.

But other companies like Interesting Kyiv, a Ukrainian travel agency, and Starla Michelle, a local artist in Austin, Texas, won secondary prizes through the contest too!

The company also highlighted some “Staff Picks” among the entries.

Since such a diverse group of businesses entered the contest, it took more than one strategy to put winning businesses over the top. But getting votes for the contest required that businesses find a way to really connect with their customers and followers online. So whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, there’s potentially something to be learned from the winners of Zoho’s Sell Big contest.

Vaca said in an email to Small Business Trends, “We had a diverse group of entries for the contest — consumer-focused and business-to-business companies, high-tech and low-tech, and all of them spread out around the globe. What set the winners apart were two things: they are all very passionate about their business, and they promoted their entry in the contest relentlessly with their own customers — website, in-person, newsletter, social media, and even live streaming. I think the content was just an extension -and a reflection- of how these businesses engage daily with their customers and audience.”

Zoho Sell Big Contest Winners

The contest winners are included below:

Image: Multivarious Games–Top row, left to right–Nolan Leber, Alex Patton, Christopher Volpe, Thomas Allenbaugh, Jake Donovan, Lucia Lee, Cody Starcher, Victor Dearing (bottom row): Kitty D Kate, Roystan C, Wesley Adams, Jillian Chastain

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