Small Businesses Add Jobs, Google Announces New Direction for Business Messaging

Small Businesses Add Jobs, Google Announces New Direction for Business Messaging

We don’t aim to read the tea leaves here, but it’s hard not to speculate.

This week, we reported on the most recent employment numbers from ADP. In the small business sector, 46,000 jobs were added in November 2018. Franchise businesses added 11,500 jobs in the same time.

Those are both healthy figures. And any new job added to the economy is a victory on its own.

But check out this other data from the 2018 Bank Of America Small Business Owner Report. It says 82% of small businesses are struggling to find the right talent for open jobs.

So, if you think about that alongside that new jobs data, you start to wonder: how long will it be before many of those new hires are replaced?

That’s just some of the news this holiday week. In the new year, let’s hope those jobs numbers keep going up and that small business owners get better at making hiring decisions.

Until then, check out the rest of the week in small business news in our weekly roundup below.

Technology Trends

Google Announces Shutdown of Allo App, Makes New Plans for Business Messaging

When it comes to search, Google has no equal, but the company just doesn’t seem to get messaging right. The shutting down of Allo two years after it was announced at I/O 2016 is the latest example. Allo App is Shutting Down Google officially announced it is shutting down Allo after pausing further investment in the app earlier this year.

Marketing Tips

Top 5 Small Business Marketing Automation Trends of 2019

In 2019, the top performing content marketing teams will have expert knowledge in marketing technology. That’s not a bold prediction – it’s the results of CMI’s latest benchmark report surveying the content marketing industry. But it’s important to also note that those top performing marketers aren’t using technology to simply put their marketing on autopilot.

Small Business Loans

Better Credit Gets Your Business Up to 20 Times the Loan Money, Report Says

Small and big banks, institutional and alternative lenders, and credit unions have been approving more small business loans in the past couple of years. However, your credit score will greatly determine the terms on which you will be getting the loan, this according to a new report by Fundera. This can mean getting up to 20 times more funding if you have a creditworthy business.

Small Business Operations

Anchor  Bookkeeping Offers Digital Accounting with Added Services for Small Businesses

With the 2019 tax season fast approaching, you may be looking for an easier way to file your small business tax return. Anchor Bookkeeping looks to solve this problem by offering a new digital accounting service with personalized features including in-house bookkeepers and CPA-approved financial statements.

Social Media

The Best 2018 Facebook Trends for Small Business

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. So businesses should pay constant attention to the platform and its changing features. This year, the social media giant saw many updates that could impact small business users. 2018 Facebook Trends Here are the statistics and headlines that you should be aware of. Facebook Popularity Facebook has more than 2.

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