Small Businesses Are Hiring and Growing Again

We start this roundup with some more good news. Small business enthusiasm is high and hiring has begun. We hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the inspiring articles and important tips below and share how your small business is doing in the comment section.

Human Resources

Small businesses are hiring. A survey indicates small business optimism is up and that small businesses are in hiring mode. How about your company? Are you ready to add employees to your staff? Who are you looking for? CNBC Small Business

Are you crushing your employees’ spirits? If so, be aware you might be killing your business right along with it. Innovation especially may be one of the first casualties of such an approach. Open Forum

Taxes & Legal

Understanding your deductions. The tax season is upon us, and small business owners are all looking for their share of tax deductions. But wait! Business structure determines the kind of allowable deductions. Small Business Trends

Advice for entrepreneurs in love. Love ain’t easy. Neither is entrepreneurship. Put them both together and you may have either a marriage made in heaven or a headache with more down to earth origins. Let an expert sort out the difficulties.

Trends & Tips

Small businesses get bigger? The SBA is changing its definition of what constitutes a small business, and the new expanded designation has some small business owners upset. How big do you think a small business should be? WSJ

Mostly it’s just hard work. Starting and operating a small business successfully takes time and effort. There are a wide variety of steps both personal and professional that you should consider to be up to the challenge.

The Social Media Front

Why your business really needs a blog writer. It’s not a job people might have been hired for even a few years ago, but the importance of blogging today is well known. It’s a skill that will likely be a full-time career someday. FixCourse

Making your store a social connection center. If you want to get new customers to like your store, there’s no reason for you to wait until they whip out a smartphone or walk out the door. Here’s another idea. OnSpot

Startup & Operations

Small business survival skills. Whether we’re still in a recession or in a mild and slow recovery, operating your small business intelligently will never go out of fashion. What are your survival tips? SalesChase

Starting a business by filling a need. No matter how large or small your scope, meeting needs is still the best way to find a business idea that works. It’s even better if you can fill that need with a little bit of style. The Seed & Startup Capital Blog

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