Snapchat Launches “My AI Snaps” Feature for User Engagement


Snapchat, the popular social media platform renowned for real-time picture messaging, has announced a new feature that promises to heighten user engagement and interaction. According to a recent press release, Snapchat+ subscribers can now share images, also known as “Snaps,” with the platform’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), called “My AI,” and receive a generated response in return.

This novel addition, aptly named “My AI Snaps,” adds another layer of communication and personalization to the app, further cementing its place in the competitive social media landscape. Snapchat users worldwide are already generating an average of 55,000 Snaps per second, emphasizing the platform’s strong user engagement. This new feature promises to take this engagement a step further.

For small business owners who use Snapchat as part of their marketing strategy, the introduction of “My AI Snaps” opens up innovative possibilities for customer interaction and engagement. By actively using the feature, businesses can familiarize themselves with AI technology’s capabilities, potentially integrating similar features into their own products and services in the future.

The press release indicates that My AI is not just a digital companion but also a tool for creativity, offering users new perspectives and ideas. It can respond to a variety of Snaps sent by the users, covering topics as diverse as movies, sports, video games, and even fashion advice for prom night.

Users can send a Snap of anything from their daily outfit to their latest meal, and My AI will generate a unique Snap in response. For instance, if a user sends a Snap of their latest grocery haul, My AI might respond with a recommended recipe. This new level of interaction opens doors for businesses to receive real-time feedback and unique AI-generated suggestions, potentially aiding in product development and targeted marketing strategies.

However, users are advised not to depend on My AI for advice. While it has been designed to steer clear of biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading information, it’s possible that mistakes may occur. Snapchat emphasizes the importance of user feedback in improving this product experience.

All Snaps shared with My AI will be stored and may be used to enhance the product. This indicates a clear commitment to learning and improvement from Snapchat, which aims to continuously refine its user experience based on real user interactions.

This news comes as an invitation for all Snapchat+ subscribers to explore and engage with this innovative AI feature. Small businesses that can incorporate this feature into their social media marketing strategy stand to gain an edge in creating more engaging content and fostering deeper relationships with their customers.

Image: Depositphotos

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