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Social media and search marketing are critical to many small businesses these days. This is not just because so many small businesses are located online, but also because social media and search marketing have become such a cost effective and powerful way to build brand identity. Compared to more expensive and, in many ways, less effective traditional media marketing, social media and search marketing allow you to target niche customers and promote your company like never before. Here’s the latest on this expanding field!

Search Basics

Keyword research in the cloud. Clearly one of the most important aspects of search marketing is keyword research no matter what form your online marketing initiative may take. With the rise of cloud computing, Travis Campbell gives us his video review of SE Cockpit, a new cloud application that goes beyond volume and competition on your search terms. MarketingProfessor

PR with search and social media in mind. When creating PR for your business or for a small business client online, it’s helpful to remember that while some things stay the same other things are very different. Beyond the differences between online and offline readers, let’s not forget about the importance of search and social media in the equation. Here’s how to craft a message that considers both. E-Marketing Performance

Social Media

Why you should be ware of social media experts. Rachel Strella talks to small business people as often as she can about the services she can offer in the world of social media. But one thing that often makes her uncomfortable is when people refer to her as an “expert.” Here are three reasons why you might be skeptical when people start throwing the e word around in reference to social media. Central PA Webster

Why the social media lamdscape keeps changing. Don’t get too comfortable with the latest titans of social media marketing, sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It turns out that while social media marketing may remain viable for a good long time as an online strategy, any one site or location may not. Here’s a look at how quickly things can change and why following, even anticipating that change could be critical to your marketing efforts. Bloomberg Businessweek

Social & Search Trends

Social media continues to influence search. And one marketing agency believes it is a trend that is here to stay. Not so long ago, social media and search marketing were very different animals, but this may not be the case in the near future. From Google +1 to the partnership between Facebook and Bing, there is evidence of an ever narrowing gap. Is your marketing ready? SFGate

Building your backlinks. They are an important part of search engine marketing, to say nothing of SEO, but what makes for a good backlink and what considerations should go into a link building strategy? In the world of search, certainly all backlinks are not created equal. How should you go about planning the best backlinks for your small business site? Small Business Computing

Why you need a real network. Though link building can be a viable strategy, it should not be relied upon simply as a way to gain a “high score” from search engines. When Google and others change the way the game is played, some Websites may be left out in the cold. Instead, look at links as real connections with people: customers, partners or fans who might give us referrals. Then no game change will make a difference. SEO Book

Marketing Intelligence

Is Twitter a waste of time? It’s one of the most talked about social media platforms around, but certainly some would question the value of spending endless time entering messages of 140 characters at a time to friends and followers. For a better feel of the effectiveness of Twitter and whether it could be right for your business, read on. ProBlogger

What comes after traffic? Got a lot of traffic coming to your site? That’s great, but if those visitors take one look at your site and click back from whence they came, you’ve got a problem. If you’ve done your marketing well, they should want to stay a while and maybe even take a look at your products and services. If this isn’t happening despite a good amount of traffic, what could be going wrong? SEO Book


Search or social media: Which should you choose. A recent study by Google insists search still retains a higher credibility with users than social media. We can take these results with how ever many grains of salt we wish given the interests of the company releasing the findings, but Frank Reed insists it’s still a good reminder that no platform has a corner on the market. Marketing Pilgrim

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