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Social Media Calendar Template for Small Business

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This social media calendar template for small business is for YOU!
It is based on the calendar format we use internally here at Small Business Trends LLC.

Like many of you, we have limited resources and time. In a small business, you never have enough people or money!

Through years of trial and error, we learned that:

Here are 5 tips for using this social media calendar template:

(1) Customize to fit YOUR business. Download a version of this social media calendar template to work with. The Word and Excel formats can be customized. Every business is different. Change it to fit your business.

(2) Start slow. If you try to do too much, you may get burned out. Gradually increase activities once you feel you’ve got the hang of a social media platform.

(3) Consider the suggested activities as “idea starters.” Please don’t feel pressured to do everything (or anything) suggested on the social media calendar template. The suggested activities are there to get you thinking about possibilities.

(4) Assign responsibilities. Figure out who will be responsible for carrying out your social media calendar. That may be you or it may be an employee. Or you may need to hire a virtual assistant or independent contractor. A social media calendar for small business is only as good as your execution.

(5) Use automation without apology. Look, we are huge fans of being real and engaging with followers. But we also know you are faced with limited time and resources in a small business. If you automate some activities, you will have more free time for engagement. As long as you mix personal engagement with automation, you will still seem real and approachable.

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