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It’s time again for another community news and information roundup. Each week we look at tools, trends and news important to your small business. And we share content from across the Web to do so. Would you like to suggest some resources we should include in a future post? Read more at the end of this roundup about you too can become more involved.

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Merge Social Media and Email. (Sales Tip a Day)

What if you could ask for a social connection every time you sent an email to a potential client or partner? You can with an app called Repportive, says Chris Hamilton. In this video, he shows us how it works.

Review: How Does Woobox Work for Social Media Promotions? (Jo Barnes Online)

Jo Barnes reviews Woobox, a platform designed to help create all kinds of contests on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and via mobile channels. Jo says you can also create coupons and other promotions. See her full review above.

Communicate with Mobile. (Get Busy Media)

The increasingly mobile landscape creates a whole new challenge for entrepreneurs. Communicating via this burgeoning new channel is important…but not simple. Mateo Llinas has this simple guide to get you started with creating the mobile ad.

Vine Won’t Get Ads Anytime Soon. (Marketing Land)

There’s a lot of information floating around, what with the Twitter IPO and everything. And here’s one little tidbit dug out by Matt McGee. Twitter has no intentions of introducing advertizing on video app Vine anytime soon. Is this good news or bad news for your marketing efforts?

There’s a Science to Going Viral. (Online Visibility Pros)

This doesn’t say there is a secret trick or technique that guarantees your content will be spread, says Brian Horwitz. But it does mean there are characteristics that will absolutely increase likelihood your content will go viral. Here’s what Horwitz suggests.

Get your Team Some Social Tools. (Soc Media News)

Millennials may be driving the trend, but all your workers need tools that connect them. Collaboration is the wave of the future and the best way to be competitive. Here’s more discussion with Ron Miller on BizSugar.

The Real Reason for Branding. (Visible Logic)

It doesn’t matter what you call it. Your business needs a way to stand out. Here designer Emily Brackett describes the evolution from unique sales proposition to branding. It may be the best way to distinguish yourself from the competiton. But you may not have heard it explained this way before.

Giving Your Online Presence a Whole New Look. (Blog Aid)

One way to transform branding for your online business is by making changes to your Website. Fortunately, this no longer requires major technical know-how. Consultant MaAnna Stephenson shows you how to change your Web presence with change to your WordPress theme.

Do you Use (The Social Media Hat)

Mike Allton takes us on a tour of the latest update of the platform. He describes it as a place to create lists for your blogging and content marketing needs. Here is Mike’s guided tour of the site and an explanation of how it can be used.

Listening to Customers is Still The Key. (Aepiphanni Business Consulting)

But forget about social media, branding and the rest of it, for the moment. The fact is that none of these techniques will work for you very well, unless you listen to your customers. Rick Meekins talks about what may be the most powerful marketing tool of all.

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