Social Media Marketing For Dummies: A Smart Book

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Social Media Marketing Every day I get notices and descriptions of new social media tools and strategies.  If I didn’t love this stuff, I think I would easily get completely overwhelmed and depressed by the myriad of choices out there.

I mean every month, it seems that someone has come up with a new way to manage social media marketing, or a new social media marketing platform.  In the last couple years alone, we’ve seen the advent of Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook making major changes in their platform – who can keep up with it all?

Social Media Marketing for Dummies Brings it all Together

Not to worry.  Jan Zimmerman and Debora Ng have come to our rescue with what looks like a virtual social media bible for 2013.  Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies is a GIANT book!  It’s at nearly three inches deep and over 700 pages of updated social media strategies and how-to’s that newbies and experts alike will find useful.

On the front cover of the book is the boast “9 books in 1.”  I think the best way to describe the book, might be to just dig right in and show you what those are:

  1. Social Media Mix – It makes sense to start with a strategic overview.  With the number of social media tools increasing on what seems like a daily basis, this section will help you set the stage for your strategy so that you can choose what works best for you.
  2. Cybersocial Tools – I’ve not heard the word “cybersocial” yet, but this section will familiarize you with helpful tools that will have you managing your social media marketing like a pro.
  3. Blogs, Podcases and Video – The baseline for any social media marketing strategy is having a destination to drive your community to.  This section discusses the most common kinds of foundation content in detail and how to get started quickly and easily.
  4. Twitter – Learn how to use Twitter as a marketing tool; what it’s good for and what it’s not good for.  You’ll also learn about Twitter Chats – which are a great way to build engagement.
  5. Facebook – With most of the world participating on Facebook and spending so much of their day there, it makes sense to use this platform for your marketing.  This section will teach you the best way to leverage Facebook for your marketing.
  6. Google+ – Google+ is a relatively new platform that has had somewhat of a slow start.  If you’re still not sure how to use Google+ as part of your social media marketing strategy, this will walk you through the weeds.
  7. Pinterest – This is another new platform that has just taken off like gangbusters.  It’s simplicity is what makes it such a flexible – and sometimes confusing tool for marketing.  Don’t discount Pinterest until you’ve read this section.
  8. Other Social Media Marketing Sites – Yes, there are more social media marketing channels out there than the basics.  Learn how to use Daily Deals, Social Gaming and mobile platforms to drive your marketing.
  9. Measuring Results; Building on Success – You should get this book just for this section alone!  If you’ve been using social media marketing in your business, but haven’t been sure about what’s working and what isn’t – read this section.

About the Authors

You might wonder what kind of marketing expert has mastered all of these tools?  It’s Jan Zimmerman!

Jan has been a business owner for over 30 years.  Her previous companies provided a range of services including video production, grant writing and linguistic engineering R&D.  In 1994, she founded Sandia Consulting Group and has spun off Watermelon Mountain Web Marketing.  It’s this kind of broad-based experience in traditional marketing and her experience with B2B clients that have given her the experience and expertise to share this information in a way that will resonate with pragmatic business owners.

Her co-author is Deborah Ng, who grew a successful blog into the number one community for freelance writers.  Deborah also has significant social media experience from being the community manager for several major online brands.

Why add yet ANOTHER social media marketing book to your library?

Granted, I received a review copy of Social Media Marketing for Dummies.  But what can I tell you – it’s one of the benefits of reviewing books!  This is a book I would have bought for myself and I’m hanging on to it.  If I’ve given or loaned you a book that I’ve reviewed before, don’t even think about asking me for this copy.  It’s MINE.

I’m hanging on to my copy because I use all these social media marketing tools for my business and with my clients as well.  Even if you see yourself as a social media expert, you’re going to want this book because you’ll find these little insider tips and tricks that will save you tons of time in your day.

Social Media Marketing for Dummies is a fantastic resource for any small business that is looking to leverage the power of social media to get and keep customers.

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