Spotlight: BeeSmart Provides Social Media Services for $75 a Month

Spotlight: BeeSmart Provides Social Media Marketing Services for $75 a Month

Social media has become a huge part of small business marketing. But it doesn’t have to take up all your time or marketing budget. BeeSmart Social Media is one company that strives to provide affordable social media solutions specifically for small businesses. Read more about the company and its offerings in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides social media services to business clients.

Owner Julie Bee told Small Business Trends, “Since 2010 BeeSmart has provided affordable social media services to hundreds of entrepreneurs, small businesses and micro-business owners across the US.”

Business Niche

Providing an affordable option for small businesses.

Bee explains, “Our affordable social media plan is only $75/month and provides nine posts per week across three social media platforms. We find the content to post and provide metrics on our progress. We don’t require any contracts. Clients can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. With this plan we also provide unlimited consulting via Skype, email or phone.”

How the Business Got Started

By niching down.

Bee says, “In 2010, most digital marketing companies provided every online marketing service available (SEO, PPC, social media, etc.). I actually ran one of those businesses. I saw an opportunity to niche down, and turn my business into one that focused only on providing social media marketing services.”

Spotlight: BeeSmart Provides Social Media Marketing Services for $75 a Month

Biggest Win

Helping a variety of different businesses.

Bee says, “There have been many wins, but I think my biggest win so far has been the number of small businesses we’ve been able to help with social media marketing. BeeSmart has worked with hundreds of small business owners around the world, including ones in Australia, England, Jerusalem, and Africa.”

Biggest Risk

Focusing on small clients.

Bee explains, “When I first started telling my network about our $75/month service offering, some of them thought it was a really bad idea. I was told, repeatedly, to go after the “big bucks” and focus on bigger businesses. I was told tiny businesses and entrepreneurs would never have the budget to work with me. But, my heart was, and still is, with the little guys and gals that run their small businesses, day in and day out.”

Lesson Learned

Choose a specific focus from the start.

Bee says, “I would have targeted tiny businesses and entrepreneurs from the start. It’s where my passion is, and it’s just a good business model. There are A LOT more micro-businesses than there are BIG businesses.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

A new website, SEO and software upgrades.

Spotlight: BeeSmart Provides Social Media Marketing Services for $75 a Month

Favorite Meeting Place

On the water.

Bee says, “I often have business meetings on a stand-up paddleboard, out on one of our local rivers or lakes. It’s fun to get my business coach or SEO consultant out there to meet, instead of a coffee shop.”

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Images: BeeSmart Social Media; First Image: Julie Bee, right, having a business meeting with a business mentor, Chris, while paddleboarding; Second Image: Julie Bee, President of BeeSmart Social Media, center. Coaching a team of college entrepreneurs for the West Virginia Statewide College Business Plan Competition; Third Image: Julie Bee, third from right, with her first comedy improv group, which helped her develop public speaking skills

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