Social Media Still Fuels Small Business

Social media is still vital to small businesses. Even companies we might not at first think of as candidates for social media marketing can use social networking tools in surprising ways. Here is a look at why social media is good for small ventures and at how to use it effectively in yours.

Social Media Startup

Can social media help you grow faster? A research report suggests tech-savvy companies including those making good use of social media can grow much faster and add more jobs than their less tech-oriented competitors. WSJ

Reasons to get started today. If you’ve waited to get involved in social media for any or all of the following reasons, it’s time to alter your strategy. Here are myths that should be dispelled about social media and your business. Entrepreneur

Tips & Tools

25 tips for social media use. 25 experts in the field share their thoughts on using social media effectively for your small business. What are the most important ways to improve your strategy? Fans Bridge

Having too much of a good thing. Social media truly is a powerful tool for growing your business in many ways, but with great power comes great responsibility. Be careful not to abuse it. Resonance

New cloud-based app boosts social presence. Check out the release on Beam Social, a new cloud-based social media tool aimed at helping small businesses broaden their marketing presence for a fee. MarketWatch

Pinterest Basics

Pinterest tips for small business. Pinterest is a new social media platform your small business should really get to know. If you haven’t yet figured out how to use this new social media tool to your advantage, look no further. Here are some tips to help. Small Business Bonfire

Is Pinterest for you (Infographic)? Of course, before trying to figure out how to do it well, it might be wise for small businesses to decide whether Pinterest is even worthwhile. Not all businesses will benefit, so here are some considerations. Forbes

Rules of Engagement

Marketing through conversation. Using social media for your small business isn’t enough, especially if all you do is put out a marketing message out to your community without ever really listening to what they have to say to you. Here are some ideas to take things to the next level. Ideabloke

Ambient social networking. Ambient social networking is a new trend in social media your small business should be looking into. The new move links social and mobile trends in new ways that should be on your business’s radar today. E-Marketing Associates

Training Tips

Boot camps will get you in shape. If you feel you need that extra something to be ready for the social media challenge, a social media boot camp might be one option. Here is one such event for small businesses offered by IBM. ITJungle

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