Social Media Tips in Small Business Today

Are you using social media in your business? Those two little words have taken on a greater significance then ever before in recent years. How are you using social media in your small business? You know you’re doing it. There’s a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and a business blog. But, wait! There’s more. See what the social media has to offer you!

Getting Established

What are you doing about Google+? How do you get started? Start with your profile. Your successful use of this tool is a direct result of of the information you share on your profile and the manner in which you present it. It must catch people’s attention. Then there are a number of suggestions as to how to maximize your benefits of having this social media tool. Chris Brogan

How should I be using social media marketing? How do successful small businesses effectively use social media marketing to enhance their reputations, find customers, and increase their sales? Starting with creating a quality homepage and selecting a human face that people can tie down to your business, there are seven “need to” steps for you to pursue to make sure that your social media marketing plan is profitable and not a waste of time and money. Copyblogger

Facebook updates help users share better with others. How comfortable are you with privacy when sharing on Facebook? Changes have been made to alleviate this concern. Improvements in tagging and the ability to add one’s location to each post are also included in the changes. Additional revisions are expected in the near future. WSJ

Tools & Trends

Daniel Gross’s Greplin is one smart search engine. Finally, one search engine that will organize your entire online life! Is this for real? Daniel Gross feels his Greplin does just that. Read about this amazing young man and the product he has to offer. How could this tool help your small business? Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Online marketing will account for 70% of small business marketing budgets by 2015. The future of small business marketing will definitely be in digital/online marketing. Very good futures are in store for those companies who can advise and help small businesses with online marketing solutions. Small businesses can ill- afford to miss a step as these changes in marketing strategies occur. Failure to be one step ahead could affect customer satisfaction and customer retention. Management Direct

18 reasons to use social media. If your small business is poorly managed and your product line is not top grade, use of social media will mostly not make your small business successful. What it can do is to make it possible for you to interact with your potential customers and thereby allow you the opportunity to react more quickly and efficiently to the needs of both your current and potential customers. Among the many advantages of properly using social media to build your small business are the 18 reasons listed and explained here. Small Business Trends

Social Media Marketing

Top myths about social media for business #2: “Don’t need it–we have SEO.” Can a successful search engine optimization strategy be a substitute for a strong social media presence? Some SEO proponents say yes and dismiss the need for social media as part of the marketing package. However, they quietly admit that social media does have a positive impact and, in addition, has some benefits in establishing credibility, communication, and connection. Resonance

How to promote: an event thru Twitter. When you promote an event thru Twitter, you have the possibility of attracting a far larger audience that might be interested in your event. Video shows how to promote your information, step by step way to post and promote, and tips and tricks on how to promote through Twitter. Sales Tip a Day

Social media for search. Social media and search are no longer the separate things we have believed them to be in the past. In fact, the worlds of social media and search are quickly merging. Are you using the power of both these worlds to your small business’s advantage? Nick Stamoulis

Another marketing channel? No, social media is much more. Be prepared for many business applications in the coming years for these exciting tools. Where is social media headed and where do its potential applications for your business end? The only limits are the imaginations of social media users just like you. Resonance

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