Social Media Will Change Your Business

Social media will change your business. If you doubt it, just look at the experience others have had. There are several ways to approach the use of social media for your business and many ways it can benefit you. Let’s look at some of the ways others are putting social media to work for them.


Going to war! It may not sound like we’re talking about business at all here, but setting up a “war room” simply describes a party where you bring some friends over and spend some time getting your company or message noticed by online influencers. eVenues Blog

Social media goes mainstream. Small businesses in just about every community these days are learning the power and value of social media. Is your small business aware of the benefits social media can bring you?


SCORE now offers social media training. This St. Louis chapter has definitely jumped onto the bandwagon. Do your local small business organizations offer training in social media use to local small businesses? If not, what would motivate them to start? Virtual Strategy Magazine

Tips for tourism business. Tourism businesses are learning about social media as well and tying its power in with tools like Google Maps for an unbeatable combination that promotes businesses where they are on the social Web. Do you have a tourism or other location-based business you could market with social media?


Building your business. Blogging can be a great way to build your business. Join us for a special BizSugar Facebook Q & A on Monday, February 27th, from 4:30 to 5:30 pm EST with Ileane Smith of “Basic Blogging Tips.” BizSugar Blog


Little known tools your business needs. Here are 17 social media tools your small business will not want to do without. The recommendations come from a social media expert whose small business clients have used them successfully and noted that they made a real difference. KissMetrics


Benefits and risks. A new podcast explores the benefits and risks of using social media for your business. “Opting out” of social media use is probably not an option for your small business, but be aware of some of the risks of participating. ACE Group

Next Generation

A whole new thing. Small businesses have not only discovered Pinterest, but they are using the new bulletin board inspired social media platform to promote their brands. Are you using Pinterest for your small business? USA Today

How do you use Google+? How are your competitors using it? Google+ is a new tool still growing in the social media space. But the ways small to medium sized businesses are using the new platform differ. You’re the Boss


Twitter adds new dimension. Small businesses will now be able to advertise on the Twitter platform, an opportunity previously reserved for Fortune 500 companies. The changes come with a more user friendly ad platform and other features. The Boston Globe

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