CuriousCheck Sorts Technology Solutions to Help Small Business Owners Streamline

CuriousCheck Software Advisor Simplifies The Business Software Search

CuriousCheck is an aggregate app focusing on online reviews of business software. It scans the web for independent, credible reviews and products designed to help small businesses. CuriousCheck covers a wide range of areas important to SMBs from digital marketing to payment processing, virtual phone systems and a host of others.

SMBs can search for a solution. Providers can add to a directory or be found through reviews.

Carlos Crameri Founder & CEO of CuriousCheck explains what sparked the idea.

“Recent studies show 94% of people don’t search past the first page of Google,” he writes. “So, the small business community is missing hundreds of more affordable and efficient business solutions. We simplify their search and provide them a platform to browse for these.

Simplifies The Business Software Search

CuriousCheck simplifies the way businesses look for business software and services. By having them all in one place, it’s easier to navigate, compare, and make a decision.”

It’s a good idea in a constantly evolving technology landscape. Software companies can pay for black hat high rankings. Busy business owners rely on Google searches to get the information they need on goods and services. That means the information you’re getting when you’re searching can be tainted.

And the reviews this app uses are from trusted sources. It uses a rating system to categorize the data it finds.

Special Star Rating

“Every company on our site features a special star rating reflecting their overall online reputation score,”  Crameri writes. “The star rating is based solely off of the collection of top credible review sites like Google, Capterra, Software Advice, and Trustpilot. This makes our star rating very unique because it’s an average of all the top-rated sites, instead of only one review platform.”

There is an interactive feature called the SoftwareAdvisor Tool. It can guide your small business to the right products and solutions like a well, software advisor. It filters your location, business size, industry and some other factors in.

It’s an interesting feature because consumers and small businesses get more than one answer from any Internet search. Picking the wrong software can actually cost your business thousands of dollars. This SoftwareAdvisor Tool is also looking toward the future.

Crameri explains.

“Our current database is structured to eventually utilize machine learning technology once we receive it to perfect our SoftwareAdvisor Tool. We have actually built these algorithms on it to eventually start learning to improve our matching.”

A Number of Things

CuriousCheck was designed to help small businesses do a number of things. The app does its part for the companies providing software too.

“For business solutions, joining our platform provides additional exposure and we provide premium features to help them boost their website domain authority, link building, or increase leads coming into their site.”

Hands on Experience

Crameri has a passion for what he does that comes from hands on experience.

“We are a small business, so helping this community, which makes up 99% of our workforce, is where we see ourselves for the long haul.”

Finally, he cites a statistic that drives CuriousCheck forward.

“According to Fundera, 50% of small businesses fail by year five. We want to help decrease the fail rate by providing a platform that helps with their current challenges.”


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