Picsello Promises to be Revolutionary Software for a Photography Business

software for a photography business

A new all-in-one photography management software designed to help photographers manage, market and monetize their business has been launched.

Picsello Promises to be Revolutionary Software for a Photography Business

Picsello is more than a software management platform as it provides intuitive business tools, data and coaching through its fully integrated platform. The New York-based company have provided a smart user experience designed to help photographers become ‘more savvy and confident’ when running their businesses.

Launch and Maintain Sustainable Photography Businesses

Picsello described their product as an all-in-one, mobile-friendly SaaS photography platform ‘on a mission to help photographers launch and maintain sustainable businesses’ with the Picsello range of solutions. These include CRM tools, client galleries, an online store, marketing and unlimited storage, as well as expert guidance to help photographers manage their business.

A big benefit of Picsello is the actionable advice and guidance that a photography business owner can receive for every phase of business. The management software has actually been designed by veteran photographers along with small-business advocates and technology experts. The easy-to-use, mobile-friendly SaaS photography management platform also includes features to manage bookings and billing, as well as client sharing and client galleries.

Helping Photographers Run a Successful Business

Picsello founder, Jane Goodrich, said at the launch: “After working in the photography business for over a decade I’ve seen how increasingly difficult it is to have a successful business. I was determined to create a platform that would simplify photographers’ lives as well as help them run a successful, long-term business. Picsello exists to make that happen.

“Picsello truly exists to help photographers run a successful business, nothing else. Our goal is to be the voice of all photographers so they can feel empowered, supported, and listened to.”

Goodrich also explained that it is ‘simplicity and approach’ that separates Picsello from other software companies.

Co-founder Shane Emmons added: “I am thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking software revolution that will without a doubt change the photography industry. We look forward to empowering photographers with the ability to better market, manage, and monetize businesses with Picsello’s seamless, all-in-one platform.”

Say Hello to Picsello

The Picsello photography management software aims to help photographers get their business moving by helping to manage invoicing, pricing, marketing, selling and upselling their work. The idea is that it allows photographers to focus on the part of their job that they love the most, and that’s being a photographer.

The software provides on-the-go access as it has been built with a mobile-first design. This allows photographers to run their businesses from anywhere they need to be, even while on a job.

The Studio Manager feature in Picsello has also been designed to help photographers convert more leads and book more clients. It contains prewritten emails, easy booking, invoicing, contracts and an inbox to make the Picsello CRM an all-access client communication hub.

Photographers can also create beautiful client galleries while presenting their products, and there are built-in pressure-free sales tools including easy Digital Upsells. The gallery storage space is unlimited and 100% of all profits from the gallery sales go to the photographer.

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