Speedify 10 VPN Promises More Reliable Video Calls, Addresses Privacy Issues

Speedify 10 VPN

Speedify 10 recently launched and provides a VPN to users while demand for security and privacy more important than ever.

Speedify 10 VPN for Small Business

In order to find out what differentiates Speedify 10 from other VPNs, Small Business Trends interviewed Alex Gizis, CEO of Connectify. This is the company that makes Speedify 10.

SBT: What differentiates Speedify 10 from all of the other VPNs in the market?

Gizis: Speedify is the only VPN that enables everyone to use all their internet connections at once. Traditional VPNs establish a 1:1 connection, with one internet connection on a device connecting to a VPN server. That may keep information private, but it results in slower speeds.

Speedify uses channel bonding for bandwidth aggregation. This means it combines any kind of internet connection. This includes Wi-Fi, cellular, Ethernet, DSL and others. By using two or more internet connections you can get faster speed while you are running the VPN. According to Gizis this wasn’t possible before Speedify.

With Speedify 10 the performance is higher while at the same time delivering the latest encryption to protect your connection, device and data.

Remote Work with Speedify 10

According to Connectify, Speedify 10 is looking to address the dramatic growth of remote work, collaboration and communication the lockdown is responsible for. With many companies still in the process of returning back to their office, it will be sometime before things go back to normal.

SBT: As it applies to remote workers, how does Speedify 10 address the connectivity and privacy challenges small businesses face?

Gizis: Speedify is the only app/software that allows you to use all available connections simultaneously on your device. It is easy to set up and manage connections automatically. With Speedify 10’s channel bonding and our “secret sauce” of managing connections, it keeps employees connected as they transition from Wi-Fi to mobile data, wired connections, public hotspots and more.

Gizis goes on to say because small businesses don’t have the IT resources of larger organizations technologies must be easy to use while keeping everyone safe and working. And a connectivity lapse for small businesses has a much bigger impact. This is because each individual is more important to a small business as an organization.

Additionally, Speedify 10 has a big advantage – failover. Gizis says as long as you’re connected to two different ISPs and they both don’t go down at the same time, you’ll be online, seamlessly (without a glitch). This is followed by speed because it can aggregate all connections and give you almost all of their combined bandwidth. The result is faster speeds than what a single connection can offer you.

Last but definitely not least is the number of servers Speedify has all over the world. Having a nearby server to connect to ensures reliability. And because Speedify uses cloud servers all VPN connections are encrypted. This means you don’t have to worry about privacy, leaked DNS, and more.


Besides privacy, security is the biggest reason people use VPNs. But many businesses already have a security measure in place for their digital presence.

SBT: Why are VPNs necessary if a small business already has other security measures in place?

Givis: For a company to keep its information and employees safe and secure, a number of security measures and technologies must be put in place. However, many of those measures are often on-premise at a company’s office.

What happens when employees are working remotely, especially at a time when they are encouraged to work from home?

VPNs are flexible – they run on the devices themselves – and they make it almost impossible to be tracked down by a hacker. All of the data they send through is encrypted, so even if a hacker compromises a network or they connect to a questionable public hotspot, their data will be safe. They also help with unblocking restricted content (where applicable).

A VPN is a must in today’s digital ecosystem. Whether you are at the office, out and about or at home, it will protect your connection. Before you choose a company make sure to give their free version a try. Almost all service providers have a free version or trial period.

You can download the Speedify 10 app on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux.


Image: speedify.com

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