Spotlight: ATLETO is a Sports Social Network for Athletes

Spotlight: ATLETO is Sports Social Network for Athletes

Social networks, dating apps and other online platforms have made it easier than ever for people around the world to connect with others who share their interests. Those connections are a main focus for ATLETO, an app that connects athletes with each other to facilitate games or other athletic activities. Read more about the company behind the app in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides a social network for athletes.

Patrick Lundgren, co-founder and CEO ofATLETO told Small Business Trends, “We are providing a platform for everyday athletes to connect and engage in the sports activities they love. Athletes can discover and select from over 40 different sports and workouts matching by interest, location and skill level. Not only does ATLETO facilitate new athlete connections, but it also makes hosting sports activities effortless and convenient.”

Business Niche

Including a variety of different activities.

Lundgren says, “Currently, ATLETO offers the most diverse portfolio of sports activities ranging from basketball, ping pong and running to cricket, cycling and golf. We strive for compatibility between athletes for the best sports match each and every time. Our goal is to scale globally so that every time you are on the move, ATLETO is right there with you. We want to eliminate the problem of coming to a new city and not being able to find or play your favorite sport.”

How the Sports Social Network Got Started

After making real-life connections between athletes.

Lundgren explains, “I have been living this product for the last 25 years, setting up sports activities for my friends and bringing everyone together. I was initially inspired with how easy people “matched” on Tinder, and wanted to create a platform where the end result was an activity partner instead of romance.”

Sports Social Network - ALETO App

Biggest Win

Getting positive feedback from users.

Lundgren says, “I’ve always believed that if you truly have your heart invested in your business you will accomplish great things. In a startup, that is even more true. Our ultimate goal is to inspire happiness through sports. The biggest win has and will continue to be positive feedback from our users and success stories about how ATLETO is encouraging people across the globe to sport together.”

Biggest Risk

Founding the company in the first place.

Lundgren says, “I’m very proud of all of my partners and their courage to go out and make ATLETO happen. In Denmark, we have something called “janteloven,” which means, “you are not better than the next guy.” Growing up with that mentality makes it hard to find the courage to try new and ambitious things. Had we not believed in ourselves, we would not be where we are today.”

Lesson Learned

Have confidence in your decisions.

Lundgren explains, “I view business like a game of golf where you have to commit to your shot, take aim and execute. Whatever the result of that shot is, sets the tone for your next shot. I don’t believe in mulligans because things are meant to happen how they happen. Second guessing has never done any good for me.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Improving the product.

Lundgren says, “We would spend the money on development to make ATLETO even better for users. With a great product, marketing becomes more impactful and partnerships are easier to secure. It all comes down to the quality of your product experience.”

Sports Social Network - ALETO

Team Tradition

International conference calls.

Lundgren explains, “We have something we call “12/15/21,” which marks the time we do our bi-weekly conference calls — 12:00 p.m. LA time, 15:00 p.m. New York time and 21:00 p.m. Copenhagen time. I like to think that we are part of a business that never sleeps. When the team in Copenhagen goes to bed after a long day of UX development, our creative team is just waking up to get the first pen strokes on paper for a brilliant marketing campaign.”

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Images: ATLETO (Top Image: Thomas Vestergaard, co-founder and CTO; Nicolai Galal, co-founder and CCO; Ulrik Jonsen, co-founder and Chairman; Patrick Lundgren, co-founder and CEO; Peter Dalgas, co-founder and CMO)

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  1. If you need to join a group to run with or play with, then you need a social network like this. It has a definite target market.