Spotlight: Boxy POS Plans to Disrupt the Restaurant Industry

boxy pos point of sale solution

Running a restaurant means needing so many different systems to manage all of the different aspects of your business. But a new solution, Boxy POS, plans to disrupt the industry by offering a point of sale system that’s easy to use and can help bring restaurants into the 21st Century.

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What the Business Does

Offers a new point-of-sale solution for restaurants.

Noam Copel, co-founder and CEO of Boxy POS explains, “Boxy POS will disrupt an industry that has come to rely on patchy solutions from a fragmented marketplace of vendors and best of all Boxy POS is completely free to download, install and deploy. It is not simply free for a trial period or free for a fixed set of features. Upgrades, as they are released, will also be made available for free.”

Business Niche

Being an all-inclusive, easy to use, free solution.

Copel says, “We are moving beyond traditional services and integrating real time monitoring and social integration. Boxy POS software has proven to be remarkably easy to integrate into a restaurant’s operations and very easy to train staff to operate. Owners and their management teams have remote access to all of their operational needs, including sales processing, table controls, custom analytics and hours tracking. Boxy POS goes beyond traditional POS software with the ability to run promotions, create marketing via social media, and building customer communities. Again, these updates are available to all users free of charge, and on an unlimited basis.”

boxy pos point of sale solution

How Boxy POS Got Started

With a restaurant owner and a tech developer.

Copel, the tech member of the team, said of himself and co-founder Avner Friedman, the partner with restaurant experience, “A successful restaurant owner became frustrated with the need to have more than one software system run his business. The cost was tremendous to run so many software systems that were incompatible and lacked the updates needed to efficiently run the business. So he got together with a tech developer and the two of them started by talking to tons of individuals in the hospitality industry about what software features they would like to see.”

Biggest Win

Being featured in an article on Food Brigade, the magazine for the largest wholesale chain in the Netherlands, Silgro.

Copel says, “this brought us immediate attention from many restaurateurs, many of them tried us out, become huge fans, and switched to managing their restaurant using Boxy POS, this is a huge win for us as it makes it much easier for us to grow when happy users spread the word about our POS.”

Biggest Risk

Offering the software completely free.

Copel explains, “Our plan is to make money but not from the software. We are looking to create an entire network of purchasing partners that can then leverage together to purchase our services in bulk. Small businesses in the hospitality industry routinely pay high premiums because we buy in such low quantities, but if say 50 of those businesses came together with a bulk order, the savings could be tremendous. This is our vision.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000


Copel says, “We would use most of it to tell the world about this exciting new software. No longer will the hospitality industry have to pay exorbitant prices for dinosaur software services. Now, business owners can keep and stay connected to their business from anywhere in the world right from their smartphone. We just made their lives a whole lot easier.”

boxy pos point of sale solution

Communication Strategy

Messenger apps.

Copel says, “Our team is almost never in the same place or even in the same country at the same time. We constantly move between meeting strategic partners, to visiting our users located in dozens of countries around the world, so we constantly use messengers (mostly WhatsApp) to communicate. It isn’t uncommon for us to be messaging each other even when we are in the same office out of habit.”

Favorite Team Lunch


Copel says, “And that’s not just because one of the founders owns a wonderful sushi restaurant.”

Favorite Quote

“The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks incredible opportunity to connect everything together in a new way and is dramatically transforming the way we live and work”. -Marc Benioff, CEO –

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Images: Boxy POS, Top Image: co-owners of Boxy POS Avner Friedman and Noam Copel

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