Spotlight: Future Solutions Media Repairs Online Reputations

Future Solutions Media Online Reviews

Online reviews have the potential to make or break your company’s reputation. But even companies with great products and services can see sales suffer due to just a few negative comments.

That’s where Future Solutions Media comes in. The company’s founder helped his stepdad’s business overcome a few harmful reviews and he and his team have been helping other businesses do the same ever since. Read about the company’s story in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides online reputation management services to businesses.

The business is mainly focused on managing a business’s reputation when it comes to online reviews. For some businesses, this can mean encouraging existing customers to leave positive feedback if they’ve received great service. But it can also mean responding to negative reviews in a way that might see the issue resolved or the post deleted.

Business Niche

Consulting business owners about existing reviews.

CEO Curtis Boyd explained to Small Business Trends, “We consult with business owners on how to have bad reviews removed. We also consult with business owners on how to engage hidden reviews that aren’t recommended in hopes they might become recommended.”

Future Solutions Media Online Reviews

How the Business Got Started

Working with a family business.

Boyd explains, “In 2011, my stepdad was called by a sales representative of a major review website. When my stepdad said it wasn’t in the budget to advertise, most of his good reviews became filtered the next day. This left the account with mostly bad reviews which really hurt sales the next few months. My dad commissioned me to figure out how to get some of those good reviews back and how to ask customers nicely to share their experience online.”

Biggest Risk

Paying the company’s first salesman.

Boyd explains, “He got paid upfront based on future sales commission. It’s hard to attract high quality sales employee’s without showing some financial stability.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Creating the Future Solutions Academy.

Boyd says, “I would create an Online School that taught business owners and marketing managers how to do what we do for businesses around the USA. I would educate business owners how to effectively enhance their Online Reputation.”

Future Solutions Media Online Reviews

Team Tradition

Bean bag meetings.

Boyd says, “Here at Future Solutions, we each have designated bean bags at the office. We have bi weekly meetings where we get to rotate playing our favorite song, and talk about our clients. We go over their concerns and have to make their short term goals happen.”

If the Business Were a Song

“Now that I can dance” by the Contours.

Boyd explains, “When we change a company’s online reputation from not so great to amazing, not only do business owners feel like dancing but they see huge revenue differences.”

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Images: Future Solutions Media

Top Image: (left to right) Curtis Boyd, CEO/Founder; Josan Iracheta, Developer/Designer; Michael Bright, Sales Manager

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