Spotlight: HTC Communications Puts Team Work First

htc communications cable wifi services

Network cable and WiFi solutions might not seem like the most interesting or dynamic products. But they are pretty essential to running a business. In the Cleveland area, small businesses and other customers can turn to another local business for their cable and WiFi needs.

HTC Communications LLC is a small company that takes great pride in supplying its neighbors with the best service possible. It also takes pride in treating the members of its small team like family. Read more about this company and how its family atmosphere has helped it succeed in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides network cabling services, video surveillance, WiFi, and other audio/video solutions in the Cleveland area.

Business Niche

Building custom solutions.

Caroline Hill, owner of HTC Communications, says:

“Our telecommunications experts can quickly assess the needs of a business and design a custom-fit system.”

How the Business Got Started

Because of economic troubles.

Hill explains:

“Just like many of our friends, we lost a lot during the economic downturn. We lost our jobs, had to rebuild our lives, find new jobs, learn a new career and then hope for the best. We wanted to take control of our future and hopefully help our friends find a career in our company. We started our business for two simple reasons: One, to create an awesome place where our employees could grow, be happy and make a comfortable living. And two, to provide our customers with top-notch customer service that would make us proud as owners.”

htc communications cable wifi services

Biggest Win

Making customers happy.

Hill says:

“Every happy customer makes our team proud. And having a group of people who take pride in making our clients smile is the real win for HTC!”

Biggest Challenge

Adapting to owning a growing business.

Hill says:

“Most of our obstacles seem to be related to growth as a small company. It is a challenge to create and maintain processes when things always seem to be changing. Thankfully, our team is very flexible, and they have lots of great ideas.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Take care of employees.

HTC is currently a team of about seven employees. So, each person is incredibly important to the success of the business. And the company thinks it’s important to treat them as such.

Hill explains:

“If we had extra capital, I would first give everyone of our team members a bonus. They deserve it! Following that, I would purchase a couple more company vehicles, so my guys could each have their own work truck/van. If there is anything left after that, I would purchase some advertising space.”

htc communications cable wifi services

Business Motto

Always work as a team.

Hill says:

“We have an amazing company culture that allows us all to fall in love with our jobs. We hire based on personality and ability to work in a team. There is never anything we do as individuals — we are 100 percent a team.”

Images: HTC Communications

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