Spotlight: Macias PR Has Insider Perspective of the News

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Most PR firms work hard to improve the reputation and visibility of their clients. But it’s not always easy. Having an insider perspective of the news outlets you work with can be a huge benefit to clients.

And that’s what Macias PR provides. The New York City-based firm’s founder has worked in several newsrooms. So he uses that insider knowledge to help his clients get noticed. Read more about the business in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Manages PR campaigns for clients in a variety of industries.

Founder Mark Macias told Small Business Trends, “We get our clients into the conversation by getting their stories on the news.”

Business Niche

Having insider media expertise.

Macias says, “I’m a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York, so we approach all PR campaigns with an insider perspective.”


How the Business Got Started

From scratch.

After Macias’s successful career working in newsrooms, he felt he had the knowledge to help businesses navigate the media landscape. So he started the PR firm with just a laptop and pencil in hand.

Biggest Win

Being named the 2015 “PR Consultant Firm of the Year – USA” by Finance Monthly.

Biggest Risk

Taking on clients in new markets.

Macias says, “We have engaged in media conversation with international clients in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and China. Those were risky new business adventures based on the international exposure.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Expanding to Europe.


Business Logo

A kiwi.

Macias says, “When you look at the kiwi from the outside, it looks ordinary. But when you crack it open, you see the depth and flavor and color that brings the fruit alive. You need to dig deeper to appreciate it. It’s the philosophy behind Macias PR.”

If the Business Were a Piece of Art

Andy Warhol’s interpretation of Macias PR.

Macias explains, “Andy Warhol’s work is popular art that is worth money on the market, even though most people think they can replicate his work.”

Favorite Quote

“Creativity at its deepest level begins underground.” – Mark Macias

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Images: Facebook

Second Image: Macias client Provident Loan shooting a segment with customers for Univision

Third Image: Panelists discuss hedge funds and private equity firms at a Macias event in NYC

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