Spotlight: Margaritas Restaurant Brings Mexican Culture to New England

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

The food industry has no shortage of Mexican restaurants. But in that saturated market, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant has been able to stand out.

The restaurant chain prides itself on using quality ingredients and providing a unique experience to ever diner who visits. Read more about this restaurant and how it’s been able to thrive in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does:

Specializes in margaritas and freshly made Mexican food.

The restaurant chain has 25 locations throughout Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. Each one offers award-winning margaritas and a menu of authentic Mexican dishes.

Business Niche:

Offering an authentic experience.

In addition to the authentic food, Margaritas also integrates other aspects of Mexican culture into the dining experience. Owner and founder John Pelletier explains:

“Every Margaritas Restaurant incorporates both past and present Mexican traditions, which is seen throughout the atmosphere of the restaurant and in the flavors of our food.”

Additionally, the restaurant hosts a “Visiting Artists” tour every Spring and Fall as part of its Educational Outreach Program. The restaurants host artists from Mexico who share their craft and educate the local communities about their culture at schools and events.

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

How the Business Got Started:

By working his way up the chain at other restaurants.

Pelletier explains:

“At 16, I got my very first job working as a dishwasher at a steakhouse in Connecticut and, by 24, I had worked my way up the ranks to a management position. Shortly afterward, in 1985, I was asked to open a Mexican restaurant for the group and ultimately, I invested as an owner.”

Biggest Win:

Being recognized for its food and service.

Pelletier explains:

“Margaritas was crowned the Best Regional Chain by New Hampshire Magazine and was named to the publication’s Hall of Fame for its inclusion in “Best of New Hampshire” for ten consecutive years. This was a significant achievement for our company as evidence of the excellent service, food, and overall dining experience we strive to offer our guests.”

Biggest Risk:

Starting a franchise system.

Once the restaurant found success at its first location, the team considered starting a franchise system to grow in new markets. Pelletier says:

“Having successfully grown our first restaurant throughout our local community, it was unknown if the concept would have the same success in other markets. However, we were smart enough (or lucky enough) to find the right partners who really believed in what we do and shared our philosophy, and now we have seen the Margaritas concept thrive in new areas.”

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Favorite Food:

Margaritas Ahi Tuna Tacos.

Pelletier says:

“27 years in business and we still love eating Margaritas food.”

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