Spotlight: They Told This Business Owner He was Crazy

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When Michael Levy decided to get into the printing business by buying a Minuteman Press franchise, people told him he was crazy.

Why? Print was an industry on the decline — supposedly.

But that didn’t stop Levy. Technology and innovation can give a boost even to old industries.

In fact, Levy’s Levittown franchise in New York was the first of the Minuteman Press franchise locations to do 3D printing in-house.

Learn more about the business and its owner’s journey into entrepreneurship in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does:

Handles all the print and design needs of businesses.

The company can handle the design and printing for a variety of promotional materials ranging from banners to coupons. But they also offer some digital services such as web design services and digital documents.

Business Niche:

Fast and efficient service.

Levy has owned businesses before this. So he uses his own experience as a client of businesses like his to better serve his customers. He says:

“We’re called Minuteman for a reason. We are fast and efficient in getting jobs done for our clients. I come from years of experience of being in my customers shoes, so I offer my customers the necessary expertise to help them grow their business both with printed materials and digital technology.”

In addition,  Levy’s Levittown franchise was the first in the company to offer 3D printing in-house.

How the Business Got Started:

After years of entrepreneurship.

Levy explains:

“I was raised to work in the family business, and did so for the first 22 years of my career. In 2001 we sold our business and began working for the company that bought us. I quickly realized that I was just an employee collecting a paycheck with no ability to drive the car of my own future. Eventually, my brother and I started a new venture, a social network that allowed you to record your voice and post it to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. While this fit my brother, this type of business model did not fit what I knew and was comfortable with. So I left that business and after a few consulting gigs were done I realized I needed to get back into owning my own business.”

So he did some research and decided that a Minuteman Press franchise would best fit with his experience and what he wanted to do.

minuteman press



Personal Goal:

To grow the business by 10 percent each year.

Biggest Risk:

Buying a business in a supposedly dying industry.

Printing wasn’t exactly a thriving venture when Levy decided to get into the business. And friends and family were quick to remind him of that. He says:

“ ‘Printing is dying,’ they said. I do not regret it for one second. I love my choice and I love going to work now. I am so excited for the future, and those who initially had their doubts are now my biggest supporters.”

Lesson Learned:

Go for it.

Levy says:

“I wish I did this 10 years earlier!”

minuteman press

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000:

Purchase a parallel business and incorporate it into Minuteman Press.

Favorite Aspect of Running a Business:

Working with a huge variety of businesses.

Levy says:

“I’ve worked with restaurants, bars, doctors, lawyers, pet stores, accountants; the list goes on and on.”

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