Spotlight: MTX Connect Keeps Business Travelers in Touch

mtx mobile broadband for traveling

For business owners who have to travel frequently, wireless connectivity issues can be troublesome.

Ilya Balashov and Mike Kornev are very familiar with those connectivity issues. As frequent business travelers, they became frustrated with the high roaming costs and inability to connect in certain locations.

So, they came up with their own solution. Read about their business, MTX Connect, and how it can help international travelers and heavy data users in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides mobile broadband solutions for traveling including for those who are heavy data users.

The company’s main product is a pre-paid SIM card that allows wireless users unlimited data for a single flat rate in every country. But the company also offers connectivity for Internet of Things devices and other custom solutions.

Balashov, head of business development and co-founder of MTX Connect says:

“MTX Connect has built a platform, which can serve three verticals: products for travelers, connectivity technology for IOT (Internet of Things) devices with heavy data usage and the wholesale/whitelabel solution.”

Business Niche

Offering low cost connections.

According to Balashov, many multinational mobile operators only offer expensive international plans. So frequent travelers often have to deal with roaming fees unless they spend more money on expensive connections or third party services. He says:

“MTX Connect distinguishes itself by providing its own services so the connection cost for the consumer is virtually zero. This gives MTX Connect the opportunity to provide services for an extra two product verticals (IOT and wholesale/whitelabel solution) on a single platform which competitors cannot do.”

How the Business Got Started

After experiencing connectivity issues while traveling.

Both of the company’s founders, Balashov and Kornev, were frequent travelers before starting MTX Connect. They experienced frequent connectivity issues over the course of their travels, causing them to brainstorm their own solutions.

mtx mobile broadband for traveling

Biggest Risk

Investing in long-term relationships with large telecoms.

Partnerships can be key in the wireless world. But partnering with large companies requires great up-front investment upwards of a few million dollars. Any time a business has to make an investment that large, it can be a huge risk. Balashov explains:

“If MTX Connect fails to deliver a good product to its clients (or doesn’t find enough clients), most of the money that’s been put into partnerships will be lost.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Finding new team members.

Favorite Team Tradition

Enjoying foods from around the world.

Balashov says:

“We love exotic food! Two times a week we have Japanese and then its Indian food three times per week.”

mtx mobile broadband for traveling

Favorite Quote

“Impossible Is Nothing.” – Muhammad Ali

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