Spotlight: Origin Distribution Turns Skateboarding and Skimboarding Passion into Profit

origin distribution skateboards skimboards

Building a strong team of passionate individuals can be beneficial for every type of business. But it’s especially critical in industries like skateboarding, where personal passion plays such a great role for consumers.

That’s why Origin Distribution has built its business by enlisting the help of those who are actively interested in action sports like skateboarding and skimboarding.

In doing so, the Washington state-based company has been able to build products that its customers really appreciate. Read more about the company’s philosophy and how it has grown in this  Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Manufacturing and distributing skateboard and skimboard products.

Origin Distribution is the umbrella company over sports and skating brands such as DB Longboards, DB Skimboards and Atlas Truck Co.

Business Niche

Providing custom sports products.

Nathan Pauli, VP of sales and marketing at Origin Distribution says:

“The Origin custom builder provides customers the ability to choose all of the details of their personal board. Colors, shapes, graphics and components are all selectable while an image of the custom board updates in real time. Our custom builder experience is much more in-depth and dynamic than others available today.”

origin distribution skateboards skimboards

How the Business Got Started

With a few friends in a garage.

Pauli says:

“Our company was founded as Dashboards Skimboard Company in 2003 by a group of friends building skimboards and skateboards out of a garage. Fast-forward to today and we develop and distribute boardsports products to 350+ accounts in over 20 countries. As we expanded we eventually took on Origin Distribution as our umbrella company identity and legal DBA.”

Biggest Win

Introducing a board called “The Lunch Tray.”

Pauli explains:

“The board was an innovative shape perfectly on trend with the riding style of the time and put DB Longboards on the map, spreading our boards to all corners of the globe and inspiring a host of imitators. To this day, the board remains the benchmark standard of the category and is a staple in our lineup.”

Lesson Learned

Hire only the best team members.

Pauli says:

“Especially with a smaller business, each member of the team can make or break your success. Through making some less-than-ideal hires we’ve learned to trust our gut and not waste energy and resources on anyone who’s not an undeniable asset to our business.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Hiring more people.

Pauli says:

“We do a lot with a very small team. Additional human resources would allow for more individual focus on specific tasks and projects.”

origin distribution skateboards skimboards

Business Motto

Be passionate about the product.

Pauli explains:

“Our team is made up of a group of individuals with a shared passion for the outdoors and human-powered activity. Our best ideas tend to develop organically through first hand use of the products we sell and direct participation within the action sports community we sell to!”

Favorite Team Activity

Team barbecues throughout the summer.

Favorite Quote

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.” – Paulo Coelho

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  1. I love how passion can create beautiful businesses that helps other people. This concept is not new nowadays where artists are creating businesses out of their passions.