Spotlight: Usersnap Creates Business Out of Online Bugs

usersnap bug tracking tool

Everyone with Internet access has likely experienced bugs on various websites. And if you’ve ever tried to convey your experience to the website owner or operator, you’ve likely experienced frustration that you can’t simply show them what’s on your screen and get them to fix it.

That’s the problem that Usersnap is aiming to solve. The company offers a visual way for users to give feedback to website owners about bugs on their sites.

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What the Business Does

Offers a visual screenshot and bug-tracking tool.

Website owners can use the tool by adding a line of code to their site. That line of code gives visitors the ability to take screenshots of any bugs they experience and send them directly to the site administrator.

Business Niche

Being easy to use.

Thomas Peham, who is in charge of marketing for Usersnap, told Small Business Trends, “Usersnap helps website owners to get feedback in form of screenshots from their customers, readers or users. Receive annotated screenshots by simply adding a small snippet of code to your sites – it’s as easy as installing Google Analytics.”


How the Business Got Started

From a desire to simplify the web development process.

Two brothers, Florian and Gregor Dorfbauer and their friend Josef Trauner founded the company after working in web development and experiencing frustration due to the communication process.

Peham explains, “The idea behind Usersnap resulted from the work in developing web applications where the founders faced different communication problems. The product emerged from their vision to make web development more efficient and pleasant. Since not finding any existing solution on the market and seeing the potential of a visual bug tracking tool the three co-founders started to build Usersnap in early 2012.”

Biggest Win

Being named one of the European startups to watch by Forbes Magazine.

Biggest Risk

Shifting from an established web agency to a product focused company.

The company’s founders had steady work in service-based web development and just an idea of how to better fix bugs with visuals. So taking the leap to running Usersnap in and of itself was a risk.

Peham says, “If the idea and the execution of this idea and vision to make make Web projects more efficient would have gone wrong, both businesses would have been lost.”

usersnap team

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Hiring more people.

Peham explains, “Our customers are truly important factor in our day-to-day operations, which is why we’d build up our customer success team.”

Common Mix-up

Confusing the company’s name.

Peham says, “The name Usersnap, which is correctly pronounced as “UserSnap” sometimes get’s mixed up by people as ‘Users nap.’”

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Images: Usersnap; Top photo (l to r): Josef Trauner, Florian Dorfbauer, Gregor Dorfbauer.

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