21 Clever Spring Marketing Campaigns and Tips

spring marketing campaigns

Spring is in the air. And with it comes a whole host of exciting Spring marketing ideas that your business can capitalize on. To get some fun ideas for Spring marketing campaigns, take a look at the tips from marketing experts below.

The Magic of Spring Marketing: Why It’s Essential for Your Business

Spring is a season of rejuvenation, renewal, and growth. As flowers bloom and temperatures rise, consumers too experience a shift in mood and behavior. It’s a period of transformation not just for nature, but also for businesses and their audiences. Here’s why pushing spring marketing campaigns can be particularly beneficial:

  • Consumer Optimism is High: After a long winter, spring brings warmth, longer days, and a general sense of optimism. Consumers are more willing to try new things, step out of their comfort zones, and indulge. This mood upliftment can translate into increased spending and brand engagement.
  • Seasonal Relevance Drives Engagement: Tapping into spring themes like renewal, growth, and cleanliness can make your marketing messages resonate more with the audience. It gives your campaigns a topical relevance that catches attention and stays memorable.
  • Tax Returns Boost Spending Power: For many, spring coincides with the receipt of tax returns, providing extra disposable income. It’s a great time to introduce promotions or special offers, as consumers are often on the lookout for ways to spend their newly acquired funds.
  • Spring Holidays Offer Marketing Opportunities: From Easter to Mother’s Day, spring is dotted with holidays that present abundant marketing and promotional opportunities. Tailoring campaigns around these occasions can drive sales and foster a deeper connection with the audience.
  • The Outdoors Beckon: Perfect for Experiential Marketing: With the pleasant weather drawing people outside, businesses have a golden opportunity for outdoor events, pop-up shops, and other experiential marketing tactics. It’s a chance to engage customers in fresh, interactive ways that aren’t as viable in colder months.

Spring Marketing Campaigns and Tips

Do Some Spring Cleaning

spring marketing campaigns

Ivana Taylor, publisher of DIY Marketers says, “Springtime marketing makes me think about Spring cleaning.  This is a great time to get rid of all the products and services that haven’t been as profitable as you’d like.  Maybe you have too much inventory of something — create an insanely irresistible offer to free yourself of all that baggage and focus on more profitable offers.”

Add Vibrancy to Your Campaigns

Gary Shouldis of 3Bug Media says, “Spring is the perfect time for marketing, as people are full of energy and enthusiasm after a long winter.  Your messaging should match the season with vibrant colors and a theme of renewal and revitalization.”

Run Facebook Contests Around Holidays

Shouldis also suggests, “There are some great holidays in the Spring that are perfect for marketing opportunities. (Easter, March 27; Mothers Day, May 8; Earth Day, April 22). One of our most effective marketing activities in the Spring is running Facebook contests around these holidays.  We usually will match a prize to match the holiday and it’s a great way to connect with your customers, introduce your brand to new people and to build your email list.

You can run simple contests like a “Guess how many jelly beans are in the jar” photo in your Facebook timeline or run a contest where your fans participate like uploading images of their Spring garden or asking a question like, “What does Mothers Day mean to you?”  The point is to tap into the time of year and to re-engage with your customers and to take advantage of the awakening that happens after a long winter.”

Focus on the Theme of Renewal

Shawn Hessigner, executive editor of Small Business Trends says, “Focus on a new look for your website, a new feature, perhaps a new product offering to go along with the spirit of renewal.”

Work Tax Season into Your Marketing

Sujan Patel says, “Spring time = Tax time. My top tip is to incorporate tax theme into your marketing strategy for the Spring. That could be as simple as reference that it’s tax season or as complex as having specific deals/offers.”

Offer Specific Tax Incentives

Megan Totka, blogger and marketing director of ChamberofCommerce.com says, “March and April are an ideal time for your customers to use some of their tax refund to pay for your products or services.  Incentivize them by offering a coupon good for the weeks around the 15th to allow adequate time to use their refund. If they have a lag time before receiving their refund that extends beyond the weeks of your promotion, tell them to bring in proof that taxes have been filed and let them buy the product at the discounted price.”

Bring People Together

Deborah Shane says, “Spring is a time of renewal, hope, energy and positivity and should be the tone and vibe of your Springtime small business marketing. Bringing people together in person should be one of your goals through meet ups, workshops, industry events, local events, sales, promotions.”

Do Some Local Cleanup

Shane says, “Create a marketing effort related to the annual celebration of Earth Day that takes place on April 22. Go local and sponsor a road cleanup project or a tree planting event, and invite the community to join in. “

Thank People

spring marketing campaigns

Chaitra Dutt, CMO of Meylah says, “Send 100 thank-you’s via email, card or social media. Build a list and thank them for a specific reason. This helps you to reengage with people who want to pay attention to you and your company. Kindness always wins!”

Work an Upcoming Spring Movie into Your Promotions

Karen Smith of Highwire Marketing explains, “Usually the studios start releasing their movie works about a year out.  That gives marketers plenty of time to work on a campaign.  I use YouTube as a resource for the movie trailers.  Most of them are released there.”

Promote Less Popular Holidays

Smith says, “I also use the national holiday calendar to find upcoming popular days of the year to blend what I want to promote with a fun theme that will have traction.  i.e.  for my Mexico resort, I like to promote National Margarita Day and National Tequila Day.  Another great one is National Hammock Day.  Our resort has rooms that come with hammocks.  For social media, we use these days to remind our followers that the resort is the perfect place to unwind, relax and enjoy a margarita on the beach.  Very subliminal and effective.  That way when someone wants to book a vacation, they are already thinking about our resort.”

Clean Up Your Web Presence

Debra Mastaler of Alliance-Link says, “Keep an eye on your backlinks as often as you check rankings, be proactive in removing links that may harm you. Clean up misspellings and grammar on your pages.

Use image captions that include your target keywords.” In addition to these strategies, refresh outdated content on your website to improve user engagement and SEO. Update your site’s layout or design to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing for the spring season.

Incorporate vibrant colors and spring-themed graphics to resonate with the season’s essence. Ensure your website is mobile-responsive as more users are likely to browse on their devices during spring outings.

Take Advantage of the Great Weather

Ann Smarty of MyBlogU says, “Talking about good weather, inspiration, a fresh new start of anything, traveling, etc. People seem to be more enthusiastic to plan something in Spring: So I usually gear my content strategy to that.”

Enhance this approach by creating interactive and engaging content like spring-themed quizzes, polls, or contests on your social media platforms. Share user-generated content that resonates with the spirit of spring to foster a sense of community.

Develop blog posts or videos focusing on spring activities, DIY projects, or spring cleaning tips, linking them back to your products or services. Utilize vibrant visuals and spring motifs in your marketing materials to capture the season’s vitality.

Partner with Relevant Businesses

Rohan Ayyar of E2M explains, “Spring is a good time for restaurants, florists and travel businesses. See if you can partner with brands in any of these areas and build some extra brand awareness and reach for yourself.”

Consider co-creating special spring promotions or bundled offers with these businesses to attract a wider audience. Organize joint events or webinars that cater to the interests of both customer bases.

Leverage each other’s social media platforms for cross-promotion. Explore opportunities for shared content like blogs or videos that highlight the synergies between your businesses. Collaborative initiatives like community spring festivals or markets can also be a great way to gain visibility and engage with potential customers.

Go Against the Pricing Trends

spring marketing campaigns

Ayyar says, “Historically, prices of goods go up across the board in Springtime (driven by economic building blocks such as fuel and housing). Buck the trend by offering deals and discounts on your product during this time.”

Host a Fun Contest

Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media says, “Don’t be afraid to have fun! How about a fresh contest? People love to win stuff – and even if they can’t win something – they want to participate and guess! I once had over 8,000 comments on a ‘guess how many marshmallows are in this jar’ game. Could you do something similar for your own business? If nothing else, perhaps jelly bean count?”

Try Out New Things

Evan Carmichael says, “Spring is a time to clean out the old and bring in the new. Assign small budgets and blocks of time to try three new marketing initiatives. Some ideas would be to form creative alliances, start a YouTube channel, launch a media campaign, reach out to influencers, bring on a marketing intern, redesign your website, create a Facebook ad initiative, work on improving your website conversions, and improve your customer service and experience. The key is to test, test, test. Prove to yourself that it works and is worth investing more time and money into.”



Honor Mothers

spring marketing campaigns

Karin Kraska of Forlight Marketing says, “The week of Mothers Day: Hand flowers out to the mothers who frequent your establishment, or send flowers or a card to your clients who are mothers. This goes a long way towards creating a deep loyalty with your customers. (Hey, Father’s day is in the Spring too … you can do something similar for them!)”

Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Kraska says, “Lots of sports teams re-start their season in the Spring. If your ideal client is a busy mother shuttling her kids from one game to another or a running enthusiast, sponsoring a team or an event might be a good Spring marketing strategy for your business.”

Host an Outdoor Event

spring marketing campaigns

Kraska adds, “With the first days of Spring weather, people come out in droves. They want to start spending time outside and will look for outdoor events to enjoy with friends and family. Why not create an event that will attract members from your community? If you’re a retail store, could you organize a sidewalk sale with other shops on your block. Or, if you are a bike shop or similar outdoor goods retailer, you could partner with your local yoga studio, running store, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist and create an outdoor event where people from the community can meet you and get a taste of your products and services.”

Choose Spring Topics that Make the Most Sense

Ramon Ray, editor of Smart Hustle Magazine says, “When doing Spring marketing, you should never stretch into an area that doesn’t make sense for your business.  Instead, choose the topics that can merge with and compliment your business. For example, it probably wouldn’t make sense for a local laundromat to focus its marketing on Spring gardening. However, Spring cleaning promotions and specials offered to those who are cleaning out their closets would work perfectly.”


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