Square Appointments Caters to Beauty Industry with New Updates

Square, providers of technology and financial tools to empower small businesses, has announced new features for Square Appointments.

Square Appointments is an all-in-one point of sale for booking and payment solutions to equip small service businesses like hairdressers with everything they need for more seamless scheduling and transactions.

The new set of Square Appointments’ tools could play an important role in aiding small business recovery in industries like beauty, as businesses recuperate from the disruption of the pandemic.

Square Appointments Caters to Beauty Industry

One new feature is Square Online, which enables merchants to create an integrated, customizable website to encourage the selling or promotion of products and services online or as an omnichannel set-up.


Commissions is another new feature, which allows businesses to set commission rates for retail items and services that are automatically uploaded to Square Payroll.

The last 18 months have seen the beauty industry turned upside down, with the forced closure of stores due to ongoing restrictions and legislation.

As restrictions are lifted and the economy opens up, tools designed to assist beauty businesses in organizing bookings, schedules and payments, such as those offered through Square Appointments, are greatly received.

As Jessica Heckman, owner of The Beautiful Co. Salon in Greenville, South Carolina, said:

“2020 was extremely hard for many reasons and we had to completely reimagine how to navigate so many things, and most of all how to communicate and set expectations with clients.

“The client experience has always been at the center of our business and Square Appointments is a premium part of that experience since it enabled us to clearly communicate with our clients during Covid, so they understood what was going on.”

Robust Solutions

From January 2021 to May 2021, Square Online saw a 296% jump in sign-ups from beauty and personal care businesses. The surge in usage shows how more businesses operating in the beauty industry are recognizing the need to have an online presence.

Through the customizable websites created by the Square Online tool, small businesses can match the aesthetic and brand of their business, so they are recognizable to customers online.

Save Time on Manual Work

Through the Commissions feature, businesses can save time on manual work by removing the need to set commission rates for retail items and services. Instead, commission rates are automatically uploaded to Square Payroll. Consequently, small businesses can concentrate on doing what they do best and making their business more successful and profitable.

Gap Time

With the Gap Time feature, clients can book services during appointment downtimes, directly from a business’s website.

By streamlining and simplifying bookings, businesses like hairdressers and beauticians can optimize scheduling and business operations, and ultimately make more money.

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