Square Introduces On Demand Delivery Service

square on demand delivery

Square, providers of innovative processing solutions to help sellers grow their business, has introduced on demand delivery for Square Online Store sellers.

Square On Demand Delivery Service Launched

Sellers are now able to dispatch delivery drivers for orders placed directly on their website. With the on-demand delivery service, sellers with a Square Online Store can dispatch a courier through delivery partners for orders that are made online.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new challenging business environment. Within these uncharted waters, it is importantthat sellers have access to tools they need.

Meeting Customer Demands for Speed and Efficiency

Greater efficiency and affordability are required like never before. Square aims to provide small businesses with the efficiency and speed of dispatching orders the current climate demands.

As Wally Sadat, CMO of a local chain of restaurants in California and Texas known as The Kebab Shop, commented,“This new feature helped us keep our doors open and continue serving our customers during the recent downturn. The ability to customize delivery limits and costs to our customers was especially powerful, as it helped us remain competitive at a cost our business can afford.”

Square’s On Demand Delivery feature means sellers can forgo having to use food delivery platforms to list their menu and deliver food due to their restaurants not having their own couriers. As platforms charge a commission to fulfill delivery orders, this approach can be expensive.

Square Online Stores provides sellers with ecommerce store tools they need to launch their online store. Dispatching and delivering goods quickly can be expensive for many sellers. In the current climate where many small businesses are having to make cutbacks on budgets, costly delivery services are even more challenging.

Taking Control of Fulfillment Process

The on-demand delivery feature allows sellers to offer delivery to customers from their own website. This effectively cuts out the middleman and enables sellers to take control of their fulfillment process.

When an order is placed on a seller’s Square Online Store, a delivery partner courier is dispatched to the location of the business. The courier picks up the order and delivers it to the buyer’s address. The buyer receives updates on the order via text and a link to a map showing the progress of the delivery.

Sellers pay a fee of $1.50 per order for the delivery service. A fee is also made to their delivery partner based on distance and other factors. Sellers can pass on the fee directly to the buyer, as well as offering customer delivery promotions. This, in-turn, can make sellers significant savings on order costs.

Overcoming COVID-19 Hurdles

Many businesses felt the impact of the health pandemic. That happened if they operate online, offline, or both. In this business climate, companies must adjust to new consumer demands and be extra efficient.

Square’s On-Demand Delivery service helps Square Online Store sellers generate greater efficiency in online business operations. By fulfilling their own orders, sellers can save on delivery costs.


Image: squareup.com

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