Square Launches Shift Scheduling

Shift Scheduling

Square has announced the release of Shift Scheduling, a new first-party scheduling feature that works seamlessly with Square’s Team Management and Payroll. The offering will provide businesses with an all-in-one solution for scheduling, managing, and paying their staff with Square.

Shift Scheduling will also help provide businesses better insights into their day-to-day workforce operations and labor costs. 

Square Launches Shift Scheduling

This is expected to help businesses get a better understanding of the performance of their business and team members. Thus enabling them to make more informed and cost-effective staffing decisions. 

Shift Scheduling boosts Square’s suite of labor-management tools by introducing new functionality into team management practices.

 Solutions offered by Shift Scheduling:

  • Shift Scheduling integrates within the Square Point Of Sale (POS) offering clock-in and clock-out capabilities for staff, built-in timecards, permissions, and reporting and analytics for labor optimization. 
  • Shift Scheduling streamlines the ability for employers to manage their team by centralizing everything in one place.
  • Businesses can create and publish shifts, assign work schedules by job or team member, and copy previous schedules for future weeks to avoid starting from scratch.
  • Shift Scheduling can help prevent teams from clocking in early or for unscheduled shifts. And timecards will now report scheduled vs. actual hours, automatically flagging discrepancies for review.
  • Employees using the Square Team App can view their schedules, signal their availability, request specific shifts, and even swap shifts with their colleagues.  provided they get a signoff from their employers. Square Team App is a free mobile app that works for both iOS and Android devices. 

How to get onboard

Square Team Management comes as a free plan and paid plan, Team Plus. With the free plan, team members can clock in/out at their Point of Sale (POS). Employers can also track time using timecards, and secure and restrict sensitive areas.

With Team Plus, users have access to advanced features, such as unlimited sets of permissions, activity log by team members, sales reporting by team members, compare labor costs against sales reports and more. Team Plus comes with a monthly subscription price of $35 per location but a 30-day free trial is also available.

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