Squarespace Introduces New Magazine-Style Templates

magazine-style templates

Squarespace recently announced its new Spring line of templates. This year, it seems magazine-style websites are in!

While Squarespace’s first magazine-style layout was introduced back in June 2014, these new templates offer an all around upgrade. With features like an infinite scroll option, clean grid layouts, and plenty of customizations available, these might be just what you need to build the perfect website. Say hello to the five newest additions:

Squarespace’s New Magazine-Style Templates


This is a highly-customizable template perfect for news sites, daily bloggers, and anyone else who may be posting a large amount of content. The Haute layout features full-screen headers and borderless grids, tons of layout options, including a customizable table of thumbnail images which you can link to different blog posts. It also features a ‘related’ section at the bottom of each of your posts to help users navigate your content.


Farro is in the same template family as Haute and thus, shares many of the same features. However, rather than borderless grid, this option offers a clean, white division between editorial-style post layouts. Both Haute and Farro also feature designated author profile pages, customizable share buttons, and much more.


This multi-author option has easy navigation through a collapsible side panel. Designed for bloggers, magazines, and news sites, Tudor offers an adaptable grid which adjusts to the size of your images, providing a more dynamic look. This grid-based template allows users to easily navigate all your posts in one place, and each page features three related posts at the bottom to encourage further exploration of your content. Author profiles allow the creators of your posts to get the recognition they deserve.


Like the others on this list, Skye is a template created for bloggers, news sites and magazines. This grid is streamlined, pressed and starched, with consistent image sizes and plenty of white space to keep the attention on your photos. Three related pages are featured at the bottom of each post, as well as a simple author profile system.


Foundry focuses more on text-heavy posts, offering a short description of each post under a simple ‘date and title’ header. Like the other templates, Foundry offers plenty of customization, a related links section at the bottom of each post. But unlike the previous options, this template focuses solely on language. Simple, minimalistic typography and a grid layout with plenty of white space makes it easy to navigate; and easy on the eyes.

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  1. Aubrielle: I am using several other different web site tools (Blogger, Post Haven, Tumblr, WordPress), but I think Squarespace is a personal favorite. I wonder when they will create templates for podcasters?