Squarespace Adds Point of Sale to Its Commerce App

Squarespace POS Added to Its Commerce App

The point of sale solution Squarespace introduced to its commerce app looks to provide an all-in-one platform for your business. Whether you are in the digital or the physical space, you will be able to accept payments on the spot.

Squarespace POS

The company says that the Squarespace POS is the next evolution of its commerce offering, which will help businesses manage their operations more efficiently. With this platform, your small business can keep your inventory, customer data, and analytics up to date with your online store.

For small businesses who now operate in the digital and physical space, the ability to fully integrate both worlds is especially useful. Considering Squarespace is a DYI website builder, the company’s addition of all things digital is a push towards that all-in-one platform.

This type of full integration makes it much easier for small business owners to basically do everything themselves. And in order to make this possible a key piece of hardware is required, which is why Squarespace entered into a partnership with Square.

The Partnership With Square

The partnership with Square is going to give Squarespace access to one of the more popular readers in the market. With Square’s reader, businesses can start accepting payments in their store, popup locations, special events and other locations.

By simply connecting your Square account and pairing the reader with your iPhone, you can accept credit cards and mobile payments.

While it’s only available for the iPhone now, Squarespace says it’ll be available on the iPad and Android devices soon.

The All-Inclusive Platform

With Squarespace Commerce, you get an inclusive platform for accepting payments and managing your store.

In addition to accepting payments, you can fulfill orders with an integrated barcode scanner. This means you won’t have to enter any number to process a sale or access information about sales, customers, inventory, and shipping.

If you need to resolve an issue with your customers, you can view their account from anywhere. So, whether you are in your store, in the field or at home, you can access their account. This includes order details, shipping confirmation as well as being able to send custom messages.

With this type of availability, you can dramatically improve your customer service by responding quickly to any requests.

Managing Discounts and Inventory

Inventory control is key to properly managing your retail business. When you have a clear picture of your overall inventory, you can make decisions to restock your supply. And if they are not selling, you can move these items to the discount bin.

The Squarespace Commerce platform first updates your inventory levels with every single purchase. This lets you know the supply you have at hand to meet customer demand. With this information, you can see what is selling and what is not.

If you want to move the items which are not selling by creating discounts, you can do so directly from your device.  You can apply discounts on an item, see how many times the discount is used as well as if it is active, scheduled or expired. And you can view all of this information anytime, anywhere and make changes as the inventory moves.

To start using the Squarespace POS with all the features, download the latest version of Squarespace Commerce iOS app. You have to get a paid Squarespace account in order to use Squarespace Commerce. Additionally, you will need a Squarespace store along with a Square account and reader.

Image: Squarespace.com

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