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If you think starting a small business takes elaborate planning and an investment equivalent to a small small family fortune, think again. Many businesses can be started anytime at all with a good idea and the commitment to see it through. Here’s more news for your small business in our daily small business news roundup:


Chucking it all? David Siteman Garland interviews Adam Baker of Man vs. Debt whose family sold all their positions and began traveling in what can only be called a radical and unorthodox version of entrepreneurship. The Rise to the Top

Yes, your blog can be a business! Besides starting a blog to market a business, blogs have the potential to become businesses themselves. Advertising, merchandising, offline events, book deals and donations are just some of the business models for a niche blog and it’s a blog that can be launched in no time. Yahoo! Finance

Success Stories

Starting a $17 million business from your basement. If you’ve ever been suspicious of those stories about the individual who starts with nothing while sitting at the kitchen table, well, transfer that lonely entrepreneur to a lonely basement and you’ve got Rona Borre’s story. From a hard metal chair parked in front of a computer, Borre built Instant Technology, an IT recruiting and staffing agency that now is approaching 50 employees. Watch the full video interview above.  Beyond the Pedway


Business tips on your mobile device. Check out this new tool for delivering marketing tips on your iPhone or iPad. The tool is now available at the Apple iTune store for download. This app helps improve your marketing strategy by helping you create a better value proposition, better social media strategy etc. Follow the link to get started. Marketissimo


Consider becoming a government contractor. If you’re located in the Miami, FL. area, you may seriously want to consider this free day-long event June 16 at the Hilton Miami Airport. Registration is required and space for the event is on a first come, first serve basis. The federal government gives out $100 billion in small business contracts annually. Why shouldn’t your business have a share? OPEN


Supreme court ruling could impact some small business owners. While some federal contracts could benefit small businesses, some federal and state decisions could do the opposite. Take this Supreme Court ruling which would seem to open the door to severe penalties for any business, large or small, that “knowingly” employees illegal immigrants. The meaning of “knowingly” is a bit fuzzy here, but both business and civil-rights advocates have been fighting this and it could certainly lead to even heavier regulation for small business. Los Angeles Times


Taking it to the streets. When looking at marketing or advertising your small business, remember that expensive mass media advertising is definitely not the only way. Other techniques, most notably guerrilla marketing, take a whole new approach to getting your message out and need not be expensive to launch. They can also actually be more effective at times when communicating with a public jaded by big media marketing.


A funny thing happened on the way to the sales call. One Los Angeles standup comedian and corporate trainer says adding humor to your sales pitch will make it much easier to close sales. Burt Teplitzky has these observations about the importance of using humor during the sales process. His results could have you laughing all the way to the bank. WSJ

Human Resources

When it’s time to hire an employee. In many cases, there will come a time when the tasks involved in running your new small business will become too much for you to handle alone. Or perhaps you simply want to take yourself out of day-to-day operation of the business so you can work on the business not in it. In either case, here are some basic tips when it comes to looking for help. Savannah Now


Unconventional tips for entrepreneurs. Though Tim Jahn’s video doesn’t include Dan Martell’s complete presentation at entrepreneur and startup event Big Omaha, it does pack quite a punch in terms of advice especially helpful to beginning entrepreneurs. For small business owners, especially if you lack a strong support system for your ambitions, these can be some extremely important points to internalize. Beyond the Pedway

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