Thinking of Starting a New Business? Focus on These Areas of Experience First

Every new stage of business ownership comes with unique challenges. There are things to figure out before you even launch. And then new challenges arise every time you hit a new growth milestone. Learn how to navigate these various challenges from members of the online small business community below.

Get These Experiences Before Leading a Startup

Startup founders come from all different backgrounds and have completely different levels of experience before starting. However, there are a few key elements that many successful leaders bring to the table. If you’re thinking of starting a business this year, consider the experiences in this Noobpreneur post by Patrick Sipp first. After reading, head to the BizSugar community to see what members are saying about the post.

overcoming the challenges of starting a business

Determine Why Your Emails Have Low Open Rates

Email marketing is often one of the first marketing strategies new businesses employ. But even if you set everything up properly, your open rates may not be what you had hoped for. Get some insights into this common challenge in this Aritic PinPoint blog post by Ankit Prakash.

Get Your Site to Rank Without Backlinks

Backlinks to your site from prominent websites in your industry can dramatically help you SEO. But these can be tough to get when you’re just starting out. Luckily, there are ways to rank without them, as Erik Emanuelli explains in this Ranktracker post. You can also see commentary on the post over on BizSugar.

Brand Your Business with Social Media

Social media is a popular method for spreading the word about a business early on. However, it’s not as simple as just sharing useful updates. Social media also presents unique opportunities for branding. Nicola Bleu offers tips in this Blogging Wizard post.

Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

At some point, your business may grow a team. Today, many are hiring employees who work remotely. So the challenge then becomes keeping everyone motivated and productive. Get tips in this Business Load post by James Mayer.

Hire the Best Employees

Whether your team works remotely or in a dedicated office, your hiring decisions can go a long way toward the success of your business. If you’re looking to hire for the first time, use the checklist in this InvoiceBerry post by Marya Sutimi.

Find the Best Way to Respond to Instagram Spam Comments

Comments can be a useful form of engagement on Instagram – but only when they come from real users. So what should you do when you get spam comments? Christopher Iwundu discusses some options in this Inspire to Thrive post. And members of the BizSugar community joined the conversation here.

Check the Performance of WordPress Blog Posts

If you use blogging as part of your marketing strategy, it’s beneficial to keep an eye on your analytics. This can tell you what types of posts are working well for you and which could use some updates. Learn all about WordPress post analytics in this Independent Analytics post by Ben Sibley.

Anticipate These Burdens That Come with Growing a Business

Growing a business can be fun and exciting. But each new step comes with its own set of challenges. There are some that can be tough to anticipate. But Marty Zwilling of Startup Professionals Musings goes over several in this post.

Consider the Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform Web Development

Many of today’s businesses develop their own mobile apps. But there are multiple development styles that may work for different types of businesses. Specifically, cross-platform apps that work on different operating systems can benefit certain brands, but present downsides to others. Read insights from Deep Bhavsar in this Mind Inventory post.

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