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Startup America ParternshipWant free resources for your business? Want to be part of something big with Startup America? Here’s your chance!

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Small Business Trends is going head-to-head in a friendly little competition with to see which of us can get the most startups to sign up for free resources.

If you sign up using our Small Business Trends link, we get points. And our good friend Tim Berry and his company will not receive the points … heh, heh, heh. (Neither side receives any compensation — this is purely a volunteer effort to support Startup America.)

YOU, on the other hand, get valuable resources and visibility.

About Startup America

The Startup America Partnership is a private organization working to help young companies succeed. It was launched at the White House in early 2011.

The Start Up America Partnership “Master Challenge” presents Signup Your Startup, a National Recruitment Challenge where Startup America challenges competitors to recruit small businesses to sign up as a registered firm.

This particular showdown is taking place between Tim “BPlans” Berry and Anita “Trends” Campbell. It runs through Wednesday, March 7th, 2012.

Let’s go for the knockout!

Join Startup America

Oh, alright … if you’d rather give the signup points to Tim Berry and BPlans, then use the link below instead of the blue button to sign up:
Tim ‘BPlans’ Berry Sign Up Link

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