Thinking about Names for Your New Business? These 20 Startup Name Generators Could Help

Need a Name for Your Business? Try This Startup Name Generator List

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Choosing a name is one of the most important early decisions you’ll make for your business. But it can also be tough to wait for that aha! moment where the perfect name just comes to you. So if you want to intentionally move the process along, you could try an online name generator.

These tools essentially allow you to input some basic information about your business and then automatically generate suggestions that could help you create a relevant brand for your new venture.

Of course, you’ll still need to check that your name of choice isn’t protected by another trademark or copyright holder before making it official. But these generators can certainly help you come up with some great options. Here are a few tools you might consider to help you with your name search.

Startup Name Generator List


NameMesh is a free tool that allows you to enter a few relevant keywords about your business and then uses those to generate a long list of available domain names that you could potentially use to name your business.


With both free and paid plans, NameRobot is a professional naming software that collects a few pieces of information about your business or product and then comes up with a selection of name suggestions for you to consider.


With Panabee, you simply describe your business in two words and then easily generate a name that utilizes those words or letters. You can even access domain names that correspond with your name choices.


Namelix uses AI to generate short and brandable business names using just a few keywords of your choosing.


This online tool offers a number of domain names for businesses to choose from, as well as a brand and business naming tool that also suggests domain names for you to use with your new brand.


Getsocio works in a similar way to many other name generators. But you can also choose a category first to give the tool a bit more context about your business idea.

Rewind & Capture

Rewind & Capture offers a full naming service and tips and resources for new business owners. You can choose the experience that’s right for you, from reading about how other prominent startups got their names to working with a naming partner to come up with a satisfactory option.


A creative name generator, Wordoid helps you essentially make up words that could help you describe your business. You can get very specific, including specifying a pattern of letters to include or even the number of letters you want your made-up word to have.


BrandBucket gives you the ability to search for business names you’re interested and find relevant domain names or even browse suggested names that are available online by industry.


A business bookkeeping service, FreshBooks also offers a name generator to help you create a snappy brand. Start by choosing an industry or type of business and then enter relevant keywords.


Wordlab offers a standard business name generator as well as a collection of other name generating tools. So you can choose your specific industry or even use it to name teams or projects.


Especially if you plan on starting an ecommerce business on Shopify, this name generator from the popular platform could be a huge benefit. Enter a word you want the name to include and then view a selection of creative names that are available for your new shop.


For dropshipping businesses, Oberlo offers a name generator tool as well as an online platform for finding and sourcing new products to sell online.


BizNameWiz offers both a business name generator and a domain name generator so you can find the name and corresponding website for a consistent brand.


You do already need to have a few basic name ideas to get the most out of Namechk. But you can use the tool to enter some of your top choices and see where it’s available as a domain and user names on various online and social platforms.


Naminum has you just put in one relevant word and then view different variations of that word that could work as a startup name. It’s free to view a large list of suggestions, or go with “I’m feeling lucky.”

Guru Business Name Generator

From Copy Shoppy, the Guru Business Name Generator allows you to select your industry and then add a keyword or two before seeing a selection of potential name ideas.


An international software company, Anadea has developed a free business name generator that’s available on the company’s website. Just enter a keyword or phrase to find a list of suggestions and then view the company’s naming tips to make sure your choice fits with your needs.

Cool Name Ideas

The actual name generator of this tool works in a similar way to many others. Just enter a keyword and get some suggestions. But you can also view available domains and interact with the platform to get naming advice.

Hipster Business Name Generator

This generator might not help you pick a name that’s especially relevant to your actual business or even available. But if you want something trendy like “Grain & Whistle” or “Windmill & Hound,” it can provide endless combinations. If nothing else, it’s entertaining.

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