Stick to Your Budget, Choose Great Keywords and More

Stick to Your Budget, Choose Great Keywords and More

There are so many little things that go into running a successful business. From creating budgets to choosing SEO keywords, business owners need to be able to master a variety of different skills and concepts. This week, members of the small business community shared some quick tips and business knowledge to pass along to fellow business owners. Read on for the full list in this week’s Small Business Trends community and information roundup.

Stick to Your Budget with This Quick Tip

(Kimberly Haydn)

Setting a budget for your business is one thing. Actually sticking with it is something totally different. But in this post, Kimberly Haydn shares a really quick and easy tip that you can use to stick with your business budget. And she learned it from, of all places, Starbucks.

Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

(Ignite Visibility)

Keywords are obviously a very important part of your SEO strategy. But how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right ones? John Lincoln shares some keyword tips and tools that successful marketers have used.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

(Marketing Land)

Social media is constantly changing. But there are some basics that every marketer should be aware of before creating a full social media plan. In this post, Sahil Jain shares some common social media questions along with answers and tips for marketers.

Promote Your Business for Small Business Week

(Yodle Insights)

Small Business Week is an annual event that highlights local and independent shops, restaurants, and other businesses. As it is quickly approaching, it’s time for your business to come up with a plan to best take advantage of the event. Melissa Lachman shares a few ways you can promote your business for Small Business Week in this post.

Use Analytics to Make the Most of Your Website

(Uprise Marketing)

In order for your website to be as effective as possible, you need to know how well it is performing and what parts of it might be performing better than others. Analytics can help you with that. This post by Laura Mackenzie includes some analytics features that might be beneficial for your business website.

Manage Your Stress

(Corporate Coach Group)

Stress is normally considered to be a bad thing. But a little bit of stress can actually be beneficial for you and your business. So it’s important to find a happy stress medium, as Chris Farmer points out in this post. BizSugar members also share thoughts on the post.

Make Your Content Stand Out

(Mike Beauchamp)

The sheer amount of content being created and shared on social media means that there’s a lot of noise out there for consumers. So for your content plan to be successful, you need to create well-crafted content for a specific audience. Mike Beauchamp shares some thoughts about content marketing and social media.

Learn from These Marketing Blogs


Marketing can be a tricky concept to master, since there are so many different facets of it. That’s why it’s important to gather knowledge from a variety of different sources. This post by Rachel Daley includes 30 marketing blogs that you can use to gather knowledge. And Small Business Trends is honored to be included.

Design Your Way to a Modern Business

(Well Kept Wallet)

In today’s business world, it’s important to plan for the business you want. That’s what Renae Justin of Lasting Impressions Design did, as outlined in this post by Deacon Hayes. The post also includes some lessons and tips for other entrepreneurs.

Use These Marketing Concepts to Fuel Your B2B Content

(The Marketing Eggspert Blog)

Creating content for a B2B business isn’t the same as creating content for a B2C business. In this post, John Sollars shares some marketing concepts that you can use to create great B2B content. The BizSugar community then discusses the post.

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