StoreTraffic Uses Traffic Counting Technology For Brick and Mortar Businesses

StoreTraffic is providing necessary data to brick-and-mortar business owners with their retail store traffic counter solutions.

Digital technology has highlighted the value of data by delivering actionable insight for ecommerce retailers. StoreTraffic uses software and hardware to keep track of visitors in brick and mortar businesses to provide similar insights.

Keeping track of how many people go in and out of your small business can be a job in itself. But with an automated system that brings together the hardware and software in place, the data you obtain can be invaluable.

StoreTraffic’s Retail Store Traffic Counter Solution

The Hardware

StoreTraffic has a range of hardware to keep track of the foot traffic in your business. They include beams, infrared and cameras. The technology you select depends on how accurate you want to be, and of course your budget.

The 3D Scope uses cameras to deliver an accuracy of 98 percent in a typical retail scenario. It has a wide field of vision to filter children, carts and strollers, and it can count even when there are multiple people entering the establishment.

It is powered over Ethernet, which allows it to stream, record events, and be calibrated over a browser with secure communications.

The beam technology is available as wired or wireless units. Up to 8 wired or wireless sensors can be deployed throughout the business to get the most accurate numbers. According to the company, they can filter out children, carts and strollers depending on the mounting height of the sensors.

StoreTraffic retail store traffic counter - Wireless Beam Technology

The infrared technology can be used for businesses with wide entrances with low light conditions. This system has a 95 percent accuracy rate and multiple units can work as one to cover even larger points of entry.

StoreTraffic retail store traffic counter - Infrared

The Software

The software is available as two options, TMS Enterprise and Retail Genie.

The TMS Enterprise is a web-based reporting and management software available for on-premises or as a service hosted by the company. It generates reports and analysis with different metrics to derive the best store hours, conversion rate, service level and more.

StoreTraffic retail store traffic counter - Software

The Retail Genie has a simplified interface to generate fast and scheduled reports for identifying key periods in the business. According to the company, being able to identify these periods lets business owners adjust service level to improve sales.

The more informed you are about your small business, the better you will be equipped to make smart decisions. Knowing your busiest and slowest time year round lets you adjust your staff, inventory and marketing campaign. This will cut on costs across your entire operations and improve customer service by having the right amount of employees and products.

Images: SMS StoreTraffic

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