Relieve the Stress of Business and Get Creative with Coloring Books

Stress Relief Coloring Book for Halloween

Did you know that adult coloring is a thing? In fact, it’s a popular activity with some people. If you’ve never heard of this relaxing pastime, perhaps it’s time to check it out – along with the benefits coloring can bring.  Coloring can help adults:

  • relieve stress,
  • bring your creativity to the forefront,
  • get your energy and enthusiasm for business back, and
  • rejuvenate your spirit.

If you are feeling overworked or a bit frazzled or dull as a business owner or entrepreneur, our new adult coloring book may be just for you.

To be at the top of your game in business requires focus and concentration.  Yet, according to the Harvard Business Review, “paying continuous attention places a strain on the brain.” That’s why seemingly mindless activities like doodling and coloring can help. They relieve psychological distress and help you relax.

Not only can coloring give hours of relaxation to exhausted or overloaded business owners, but coloring books can lead to creative breakthroughs.  Something about the act of coloring frees up parts of your brain to focus on the creative, while the other parts of your brain can rest a while. And if you have a touch of OCD, then the repetitive activity of coloring in the intricate designs may be a soothing hobby to relieve anxiety.

Coloring is like doodling in a way. But the act of coloring pages is more fun resulting in pleasing results, not just random doodles or shapes on a page.

Some Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

We’ve created this coloring book specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners.  Each page has a motivational quote about creativity to inspire you.

Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, everyone can color. The pages in this book will challenge you to pull out every ounce of creativity inside you.

For coloring newbies, here are a few things to know about coloring books for adults.

First, the designs tend to be intricate.  Most adults have better motor skills than children, and can color in smaller areas. Our free downloadable and printable coloring book has detailed sugar skull designs to challenge you to be as creative as possible.

Second,  be sure to use colored pencils to color in the designs – not crayons.  If you use crayons, you will be disappointed in the results.

Third, keep your colored pencils fairly sharp. Get yourself a good pencil sharpener.

Stress Relief Coloring Book

If you are looking for a few minutes of relaxation here and there, when the stresses of business pull you down, a coloring book may be just the ticket!  Try coloring to get your mojo back.

Download or print the high-res version of the Coloring Book (10MB).

Download or print the low-res version of the Coloring Book (2MB).

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