Stripe Issuing Lets Small Businesses Create Physical and Virtual Employee Expense Cards

Stripe Issuing Allows You to Create Your Own Physical and Virtual Cards for Employee Expense Accounts

Adding and removing your employees from your expense account and issuing credit cards is a time consuming and costly process.

Introducing Stripe Issuing

Stripe Issuing is removing this complexity with an end-to-end platform which will quickly let you create, distribute and manage physical and virtual cards.

This solution gives your small business full control of the expense accounts of your employees with features for managing your finances in-house. The API can be customized so you can set spending limits, generate virtual cards so remote workers can pay using their smartphones, and run a new digital bank.

In addressing the challenges of issuing cards, Stripe explains, “Traditionally, card issuance has involved extensive development time, complex requirements, long-term contracts, and significant upfront fees. But with Stripe Issuing, we help abstract the complexity so you can start creating cards faster and scale more efficiently.”

Creating the Card

According to Stripe, implementing the Stripe Issuing API only requires a few lines of code. Once it is part of your system, you can use the API or dashboard to create physical and virtual cards.

For the physical cards, Stripe lets you customize the designs, then prints and ships it to you or your cardholder in a few days. If you want a virtual card, they become available right away and can be used with digital wallets such as Apple Pay.

As the creator of the cards, you can assign spending limits, implement approved merchant categories, have bookkeeping for each user, and place restrictions.

The cards can also be automated to perform operational tasks such as handling disputes, replacing cards and generating custom reports. This includes developing advanced tools and functionality using the API to create your own authorizations, spending rules, customer reports and statements.

Stripe Platform

Stripe processes billions of dollars of payments each year. The company enjoys VC funding of $450 million. This has catapulted the valuation of Stripe to $9.2 billion.

Stripe Issuing has been certified directly with all the major credit card networks as an issuing processor, which means the cards you create can be used just like any other.

What this means for your business is you will have full control over the cards you create, just like the cards you get from your bank.

Stripe Issuing is being offered through an invitation only for users. You can register here, and the company will contact you when there is an opening.

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  1. I guess Stripe is now rivaling PayPal when it comes to online transactions. Having a physical card will just make it all better.

  2. I think that Stripe is now more commonly used than PayPal because some people face constant issues with their money being held in PayPal but none of that in Stripe.

  3. The physical cards will be a plus. This removes the need for having a bank account with a card.

  4. I think that Stripe is now more commonly used than PayPal because some people face constant issues with their money being held in PayPal but none of that in Stripe.