Student Entrepreneurs Looking to Simplify Construction Projects Using AR


Construction projects often involve many different professionals, from project managers to architects and civil engineers. All of these roles can complicate the process. But two student entrepreneurs from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are looking to change that.

Sidonie Dessoubret is a junior in information science from France, and Jeremi Lukos is a junior in architecture and urban planning from India. The pair initially met in a campus ambassador program for international students. And their complementary strengths in architecture planning and technology made them an ideal pair to try to simplify the construction process using tech.

Dessoubret told the UWM Report, “Jeremi had the idea for a startup to streamline construction management that would use augmented reality software. In construction, there are a lot of people involved. You have the architect, the mechanics, electricians, plumbers, project manager and lot more.”

So the pair got to work designing Insite, a platform that uses augmented reality to help construction professionals visualize projects and spot potential issues before they arise. In March, the pair even won $1,000, coming in second place in a UWM pitch contest.

In addition to their areas of study, these two students are well suited to take on this challenge due to their international roots. Construction projects can be complicated anywhere. But a tool like Insite may be even more useful in developing countries where there are likely to be additional barriers related to language and technology access.

Every entrepreneur brings their own unique knowledge and experience to the table when starting a new venture. Dessoubret and Lukos demonstrate how beneficial it can be to find a business partner or other forms of support to offer complementary strengths. And their fresh perspective as college students likely allows them to look at the problem of complicated building projects with fresh eyes, whereas those who are already entrenched in the industry may find it difficult to unlearn the processes they’ve already used for years.

Image: Envato

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